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Candle business name ideas to light up your business

candle business name ideas

Choosing the right business name for your candle business is a fundamental step when you’re starting your business. While it may seem like a small detail in the grand scheme of launching your candle business, selecting the right business name can have a profound impact on how your brand is perceived and on the future success of your venture. This applies whether you're embarking on a more traditional business model or one online, like candle dropshipping.

We'll dive into the importance of picking the right candle business name, explore the creative process of brainstorming ideas and provide you with name suggestions for your entrepreneurial journey.

Candle business name ideas to inspire you

Explore this section for a carefully curated list of candle business names, intended to ignite your creativity and assist in finding the perfect name that resonates with your candle venture. Whether you're looking for something elegant, charming, or entirely unique, these suggestions can guide you in finding the ideal name for your candle business.

Unique candle business names

  1. LuminArtistry

  2. WickWonders

  3. GlowAlchemy

  4. FlameCrafters

  5. ZenithLights

  6. WaxWhispers

  7. LuminaryFusion

  8. Enchanted Flames

  9. Aromatic Aura

  10. CandleCanvas

  11. IgniteInspirations

  12. Starlit Scents

  13. The Candle Carousel

  14. Ethereal Embers

  15. PrismCandles

Catchy candle business names

  1. Sparkle & Scent

  2. Candle Cadence

  3. Twinkle Wick

  4. Radiant Reverie

  5. Flicker & Fancy

  6. Candle Charisma

  7. GlitterGlow Candles

  8. LuminaLuxe

  9. CandleCharm Co.

  10. VividFlame Creations

  11. LightUp Life

  12. CandleSong

  13. ShimmerWicks

  14. GlimmerGlow Goods

  15. ChicCandleCraft

Funny candle business names

  1. Waxy Shenanigans

  2. Punny Pyres

  3. Laughing Flames

  4. Candle Chuckles

  5. Waxcomical

  6. The Candle Chucklebox

  7. FlickerFunnies

  8. Giggles & Glow

  9. Wax Wit Works

  10. Haha Heat

  11. Quirky Quenches

  12. Candle Capers

  13. The Wacky Wickery

  14. Grin & Glow Candles

  15. Silly Scented Flames

Professional candle business names

  1. Elegant Illuminations

  2. CandleCraftsmen

  3. Luminary Luxuries

  4. ProGlow Creations

  5. Prestige Flames

  6. Wick & Wax Artisans

  7. The Candle Atelier

  8. Opulent Scents

  9. Classic Luminance

  10. Polished Pyres

  11. Illumina Provisions

  12. Timeless Aromatics

  13. Refined Radiance

  14. Professional Paraffin

  15. Candle Connoisseur

Inspirational candle business names

  1. Illuminate Dreams

  2. InspireFlame

  3. Light of Hope Candles

  4. Zen Candlelight

  5. Illuminate Your Path

  6. Serenity Scents

  7. Radiant Resilience

  8. Candle of Compassion

  9. Inner Glow Creations

  10. Illuminate Serenity

  11. Tranquil Flames

  12. InspirePeace Candles

  13. Light the Way

  14. Beaming Blessings

  15. Candle of Wisdom

Location-based candle business names

  1. Bay Area Beacon Candles

  2. Mountain Mist Candle Co.

  3. Coastal Breeze Candles

  4. Heartland Hearth & Wick

  5. Desert Oasis Lights

  6. City Lights Candleworks

  7. Lakeside Lumina

  8. Prairie Flame Creations

  9. Seaside Serenity Candles

  10. Rustic Retreat Wax

  11. Urban Ember Elegance

  12. Southern Charm Scents

  13. Rocky Mountain Radiance

  14. Sunshine State Wickery

  15. Northern Lights Candle Co.

Timeless candle business names

  1. Eternal Flames

  2. Classic Candleworks

  3. Timeless Glow

  4. Heritage Illuminations

  5. Everlasting Wick

  6. Enduring Scents

  7. Time-Honored Radiance

  8. Vintage Vigil

  9. Perpetual Light

  10. Timeless Aromas

  11. Ageless Candle Artistry

  12. Infinite Luminance

  13. Candle Tradition

  14. Time-Tested Glow

  15. Antique Embercraft

Clever candle business names

  1. Wick-edly Creative

  2. CandleGenius

  3. WaxWorks Wonders

  4. Bright Ideas Candles

  5. Scent-sational Sparks

  6. Flame Innovations

  7. Luminary Brilliance

  8. CandleCrafted Concepts

  9. CleverWick Creations

  10. Enlightened Ideas

  11. SparkIQ Candles

  12. Inventive Illumina

  13. Flamecraft Thinktank

  14. The Smart Spark

  15. CandleArtistry IQ

Modern candle business names

  1. Urban Glow Collective

  2. Modern Flame Studio

  3. ChicWick Emporium

  4. Luxe Luminary

  5. Contemporary Candle Co.

  6. Trendy Torch Creations

  7. Glow & Vogue

  8. Edgy Emanations

  9. The Modern Melter

  10. Neon Wick Studios

  11. Ignite Innovators

  12. Modern Magic Candles

  13. FuturaFlame

  14. Urban Elegance Lights

  15. The Luminary Lab

Classic candle business names

  1. Candle Classics

  2. Time-Honored Flames

  3. Classic Waxworks

  4. Vintage Candle Co.

  5. Candlelight Tradition

  6. Heritage Glow

  7. Classic Elegance Candles

  8. Candlecraft Classics

  9. Traditional Radiance

  10. Classic Aromatics

  11. The Candle Connoisseurs

  12. Candle Artistry Classic

  13. Classic Lumina Creations

  14. Ageless Flames

  15. Candle Classics Boutique

Minimalist candle business names

  1. Simple Glow

  2. Zen Flame

  3. Clean Light

  4. Pure Radiance

  5. Minimalist Melts

  6. Essential Illuminations

  7. Candle Clarity

  8. Bare Wick

  9. Subtle Scents

  10. Modest Glow

  11. Clean Candle Co.

  12. Quiet Ember

  13. Zenith Wick

  14. Candle Serenity

  15. PureLight Candles

Candle business real name examples

This candle company goes for a simple yet elegant name that perfectly conveys the elegance of its candles.

This candle company’s name is as unique as its candles are, all of which can also be customized to each customer's preference. If your business is super creative and that’s important to you, it's best to let that lead in your name too.

Luxury candles demand an elegant name to represent them. Using a name within a business name is an easy way to convey a specific brand vibe.

We love how this candle business name effectively describes the company’s emphasis on natural ingredients and the natural style of their candles.

How to choose the best candle business name

Follow these five steps tailored to choosing a candle business name that represents you and your brand.

01. Understand your business niche

Begin by identifying the key aspects that set your candle business apart. Are you specializing in scented candles, luxury candles or eco-friendly options? Knowing your niche will help you come up with a name that reflects your unique selling points.

candle business name ideas, choose business niche

02. Create a list of related words

Think about words related to candles, such as "wick," "flame," "light," "aroma" and "glow." Combine these keywords with words that represent your brand's personality, like "zen," "elegant" or "vintage." For example, "Zenith Wickworks" or "Elegant Aroma Flames." Combining two or more words is a tried and tested way to come up with a fitting and often creative business name.

03. Use a business name generator

Utilize an online business name generator tailored for candle businesses. This can be a fast way to generate names based on your business niche and criteria. You can use the names they generate directly, or use them for inspiration.

04. Check for trademarks and secure your domain availability

Before finalizing your business name, search for trademarks to ensure it's not already in use. Also, check domain availability to secure a matching website address. When making a website, consistency across your business name and online presence is essential.

05. Test for memorability and relevance

Share your shortlisted names with friends, family and any current customers you may have, to gauge their reactions. Does the name resonate with your target audience? Is it easy to remember? Does it convey the essence of your candle business? Note how everyone reacts to these questions in relation to your name and then edit it accordingly. Remember that it should also be something that you love and that should influence your final decision.

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Candle business names FAQ

Can I use my own name for my candle business?

You can certainly use your own name but consider whether it reflects the essence of your candle brand. Some names just work more naturally than others, as business names. If it doesn't, you might want to use a business name that better captures your business's identity when selling crafts online.

Do I need to trademark my business name?

Should my business name include the word 'candle' in it?

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