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15 of the best business podcasts you need in your rotation this year

Best business podcasts article

If you're looking for insights on how to build, manage, or grow your business, podcasts are a great source of information. Business podcasts usually feature industry experts who are willing to share their hard-earned knowledge — and for entrepreneurs, this knowledge can be invaluable. From high-level strategy to mistakes they've made and vow not to repeat, you can always find a nugget or two to take away and apply to your own business.

But with so many podcasts out there, you’re probably wondering which ones are worth checking out. Whether you’re at the entrepreneurial stage of refining your business idea or deciding to create a website, you’ll want to start with these 15 best business podcasts today.

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Best business podcasts to check out

01. SERP's Up

SERP's Up offers weekly episodes that dive into the world of SEO and spotlight some of the most forward-thinking business minds. Hosted by Mordy Oberstein (Wix's head of SEO branding) and Crystal Carter (Wix's head of SEO communications), the podcast is defined by a diverse selection of guests who come from all corners of technology and business to share their tips for scaling up business.

Former guests include LinkedIn's Purna Virji and Semrush's Kyle Byers. Hear hot takes and practical advice for growing your business without breaking the bank.

02. How I Built This

Veteran journalist Guy Raz heads multiple podcasts, but How I Built This, a business podcast on innovators and entrepreneurs, shows the human experience of building a company. Since 2016, Raz has been talking with some of the most influential CEOs, entrepreneurs and thinkers, providing them a safe space to share their stories of ascent.

From acclaimed filmmaker Ava DuVernay and JetBlue Airway's David Neeleman, the NPR-produced podcast features many powerful voices. And each episode will inspire you to imagine more.

03. Decoder

Verge Editor-in-Chief Nilay Patel is the host of Decoder, a podcast about the innovators and policy makers at the forefront of business and technology. What sets this business podcast apart from the rest are the more controversial topics Patel breaks down with the help of his guests, such as in the episodes “Juul and the Business of Addiction” and “Why Spotify’s Horacio Gutierrez Thinks Apple Behaves Like a Monopolist.”

04. HBR IdeaCast

The Harvard Business Review IdeaCast can be described as a go-to place for practical advice on navigating business situations and the workplace. It’s detailed and informative, giving listeners a free educational experience without paying the hefty Ivy League price.

The HBR IdeaCast has also presented some groundbreaking investigative work, including a four-part series, “The Rise and Fall of Carlos Ghosen,” on the former Nissan executive who became an international fugitive. With a strong editorial team behind it, this business podcast is always at the frontier of the most pressing issues of the business world.

HBR IdeaCast business podcast

05. Masters of Scale

The podcast name alone implies over the top and bigger than life. Indeed, Masters of Scale is a business podcast that delivers the views and opinions of heavy hitters in the entrepreneurial world. Host Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and investor at Greylock, is all about testing his theories of the business world with his all-star guests, including former U.S. president Barack Obama, supermodel Tyra Banks and Nike co-founder Phil Knight.

06. Being Freelance

For more than five years, the Being Freelance podcast has shown audiences around the world an inside look into the challenges and rewards of freelancing. From UX consultant to e-book designer, these special guests know a thing or two about how to make freelancing a bit easier through the trial and error of their own experiences. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or veteran freelancer, you’ll want to include this business podcast to your list of weekend listening.

07. Design Matters

Author, educator and brand strategist, Debbie Millman started a podcast, Design Matters, which acts as a junction between design and art. Millman conducts in-depth interviews with her guests, including actors Ethan Hawke and Claire Danes, artists Nick Cave and Bob Faust, and entrepreneurs Seth Godin and Jacquline Novogratz. Tune in for the longest-running design podcast out there.

08. Startup Podcast

Billed as the “show about what it’s really like to start a business,” the StartUp podcast is a documentary series about entrepreneurial life that’s filled with humor, drama and tension. These make up the elements of a great story.

Creator Alex Blumberg, of radio program This American Life, recorded his initial struggles in launching a podcasting company, which became the premise of StartUp. It provides a fly-on-the-wall view of business conflicts, clashes, resolutions and even employee burnout, as Blumberg and co-founder Matt Lieber built Gimlet Media from the ground up.

StartUp business podcast

09. Side Pro Hustle

The best way for budding business owners to learn actionable steps and strategies for scaling their idea is by hearing from others in the industry who have made it happen. Side Pro Hustle puts the spotlight on black women entrepreneurs who have turned their side hustles into a full-blown operation. Host Nicaila Matthews Okome rounds up experts to share their stories, humanizing the experience of starting a business.

Just take the example of recent guest Angel Gregorio, founder and owner of the Spice Suite, who brings a fresh perspective about what it means to be an entrepreneur and design a viable business model within the eCommerce world. This episode and many more are unique in celebrating small business owners around the U.S.

10. Over the Wall

Rob LoCascio, inventor of live chat for brands, is a veteran CEO who has a lot of experience and lessons to share from his decades-long entrepreneurial journey. With his business podcasts. Over the Wall listeners get a more nuanced take on the tech industry and entrepreneurship that’s impactful and meaningful.

LoCascio wants to honestly talk about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, embracing all the struggles, failures and obstacles. Apart from other entrepreneurs, LoCascio also invites spiritual leaders and artists to the show to explore how individuals fulfill their purpose as innovators and creators.

11. Brown Ambition

What do you get when you have two successful women financial reporters in one place? An unapologetically smart business podcast, Brown Ambition. Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche specialize in helping people build wealth using tactics and tools to take charge of their finances and professional lives.

Creating personal budgets, balancing work and life and learning how to save and invest are among the many podcast topics covered by Woodruff and Aliche. The duo also take on politics, race and how they are affecting communities of color around the country. Nothing gets left unsaid.

12. The Indicator

NPR’s The Indicator gives you news on what’s happening in the business and financial sector in under 10 minutes. Listeners can rely on this bite-sized business podcast for recent job reports, statistics and expert voices that help paint the global economic picture of our time.

While the stories are fast-paced, the information provided on The Indicator has led to deep discussions about the ever changing economic situations around the world. There’s nothing like this in the podcast market.

13. Y Combinator Podcast

The Y Combinator Podcast is another great business podcast designed for those in startups. It’s the in-house broadcast show produced by Y Combinator, an organization that provides seed funding for startups.

The biggest takeaway from this podcast is learning about the intricacies of building and financing a startup through the personal experience of its guests, who have struggled and succeeded as entrepreneurs. Whether you’re just starting out or are in the thick of practicing entrepreneurship, you’ll want to dig deep into the podcast.

Y Combinator business podcast

14. The $100 MBA Show

Host Omer Zenhom shares practical and valuable advice on how to build a business in The $100 MBA Show. Zenhom himself dropped out of the prestigious Wharton School of Business due to his frustration with the educational system, seeking to change the way people think and talk about entrepreneurship.

By tuning into the business podcast, you’ll get the real deal and zero fluff on all the aspects of running a successful company, from what to charge clients to how to grow your email list and other marketing strategies.

15. The Jewish Women Entrepreneur Podcast

The final business podcast on this list is yet to become a household name, but with only a handful of episodes, The Jewish Women Entrepreneur Podcast is off to a good start. It talks about women, Jewish identity and leadership in business, focusing on an important niche that’s been overlooked in the past. While there’s a lot to say about how Jewish spirituality and running a business, the guests on the show are working hard to shift the discourse for greater social change.

Jewish Women Entrepreneur business podcast

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