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15 best hotel website design examples plus tips for creating your own

Hotel Website Design

A luxurious resort in an enchanted location sounds great. But words alone won’t do the trick if you want to stand a chance against your competitors. These days, creating a hotel website is crucial to your hotel business’s success. As more and more people use the internet to search for their next getaway, you’ll need to prove your worth to attract customers and increase sales. The right website design will help you do just that.

Here are a few tips to set you off in the right direction, plus 15 inspirational examples of hotel website designs, all created with Wix:


Hotel website design examples

This hotel has certainly mastered their homepage design. A slideshow of tempting photos greets you on the top fold, instantly crafting a sensation of luxury. You can really get a feel for the resort, as the well-selected images not only convey the general atmosphere, but also showcase the location, restaurant and the rooms themselves.

The rest of the homepage layout is organized. Its different sections cover the most crucial information, from a short mission statement, to a showcase of the rooms available, an explanation of the services and guest testimonials. For added convenience, Joyà Zanzibar offers guests the chance to communicate via live chat and contact them directly from the website.

Joyà Zanzibar hotel website design

This hotel, bar and restaurant website manages to gather all three elements of its service-based business into a chic and accurate design. Browse through the homepage to get a glimpse into their rooms and other services. The images work well together, forming a cohesive look. There’s also an emphasis on the typography alongside each image, made up of different sizes and styles to ensure hierarchy within each section of text.

An additional thoughtful touch is the multilingual website option, enabling customers from all over the world to easily book their vacation. Also notice the ‘book now!’ button on the website navigation menu at the top, made to stand out with a crisp white border and exclamation point.

Hotel website design Hotel Marina

Tourism websites should show off the beautiful scenery of the areas they're featuring, and the Das Wanda hotel website does just that. Located in Northern Italy’s countryside, it’s no surprise that this hotel has chosen to show off their luscious surroundings on their homepage. The first thing we see on the website is a shot of their resort and a riveting backdrop of rolling green hills. If that isn’t enough, as we scroll down the site, we reach a gallery of equally exquisite photos and a slideshow gallery with a video of handmade pasta in-the-making.

The website design is simple and spacious, with a clean white background. This allows us to focus on the visuals. Instead of going for the classic black-on-white, the text and cute icons are a shade of gray, forming a soft sensation.

Hotel website design Das Wanda

This hotel website design transports us to the south of Italy with its blue skies and sea views. Moving down the homepage, you see a set of bright, sunshine-filled snapshots, gradually exposing themselves with a subtle parallax scrolling effect. This is the perfect addition to any tourism business website.

On top of the exuberant images, Bella Vista has made sure that reserving a room is extra intuitive. There’s a bold ‘book now’ button in the menu, as well as a simple booking form on the top fold and an option to send a live chat message. Guests can also head over to the contact page to check the location with the live .

Hotel website design Bella Vista

This unique Sicilian resort has a hotel website design to match. The earthy color scheme of light browns and reds reflects their ecological approach. They’ve gone for an aesthetic font pairing, with a poetic serif font for the headers and a simpler sans-serif for the paragraph text.

As well as the striking image at the top of the homepage, what also stands out is the booking form. It’s highly visible, while still merging into the design. As you scroll down, you’ll notice the handy back-to-top button that comes into view and the fixed navigation menu, enabling clear navigation throughout the site.

Hotel website design Etna Quota Mille

A fullscreen video is a great way to convey a particular vibe. This eco hotel has done just that, with an atmospheric looped video at the top of the homepage. Other than adding a splash of color, it also shows off the fantastic location. Following it down the page are plenty more appealing photos, each showing a different aspect of the hotel.

The call-to-action button has been strategically placed at the top of the page, right in the center of the screen. It stands out against the background, thanks to the bright color and subtle drop shadow. Another element that stands out right away is the ChatBot, conveniently available for visitors to quickly inquire into making a reservation.

Vale das Nuvens

07. Stelor

Delicate hand-drawn illustrations of flowers and wildlife adorn this website. Paired with a color palette of pastel shades, the overall look is charming and rustic. Another nice touch is the seemingly handwritten font. All together, it makes this Swedish farmstay seem cozy and intimate.

The hotel website design is cohesive throughout all of its pages, thanks to the unified color scheme, typography and layout. Each page has a clean and simple aesthetic, made up of softly colored rectangles that arrange the content into digestible sections.

Hotel website design Stelor

The name says it all. This hotel website is clean and airy, made up of a rich grayscale plus a range of ocean blues for the brand’s logo and favicon. With each element placed at a healthy distance from another, there’s plenty of whitespace, creating a sense of calm.

You’ll also notice an icon depicting waves repeated throughout the website. This design, taken from Sea Breeze’s logo, doubles as a decorative detail and a strategic element that separates between sections.

Hotel website design Sea Breeze

This farmstay, located in the Australian countryside, is surrounded by nature. By incorporating illustrations of wildlife throughout the website, visitors can get a feel for its surroundings. Enhancing this vibe is the green and brown color scheme and the logo font, that has a somewhat hand-crafted feel to it.

Each page of this site includes a short booking form, making it simple for guests to check availability. If they’d rather make a call, the mobile version has a clickable phone number, ensuring that the hotel is easily contactable.

Minimbah Cottages

When your hotel looks anything like this Panama resort, why not flaunt it on your website’s homepage? Playa Venao lures in visitors with tempting photos of palm trees, snacks by the pool and ambient nighttime lighting. If you want to create a hotel website, make sure to read up on photography tips for beginners, or alternatively, hire a professional to do the job for you.

The ‘Rooms’ page on this site not only looks professional, but also offers a smooth user experience. The different rooms are clearly described, with the help of photos, easy-to-read bullet points and handy vector art icons.

Hotel website design Playa Venao

This hotel website design exudes elegance. And much of that is thanks to the accommodation itself, showcased in large high-quality photos that dominate the screen. Combining traditional centerpieces with a contemporary touch, the apartments are made up of colors that are repeated throughout the website design to form a cohesive look.

Wherever you are on the site, the menu is never far away. There’s a fixed menu at the top of the page, as well as a social bar on the side, linking to the brand’s main channels. This is a great way to grow your online presence and work on your social media marketing strategy.

Hotel website design Ballarat Premier Apartments

Situated in a peaceful location by the British seaside, this boutique bed and breakfast has a delicate and stylish website design. Their well-written copy includes a few carefully selected adjectives that stand out on the homepage and evoke a sense of cosiness and luxury.

Taking the time to write good website content is a key step in the creation of any kind of website. In fact, Carlton Court has taken it a step further by creating a free blog, offering potential guests extra information on the area.

Hotel website design Carlton Court

The big, bold text on the top of this website makes it instantly apparent what the brand is all about. They’ve clearly stated what they do and who their target audience is. Along with the photos and guest reviews, there’s no room for confusion, making for a comfortable user experience.

Additional elements that make it extra convenient to book are the prominent ‘book now’ button in the menu, and the live chat option. Potential guests are more likely to make a booking if they can easily contact the hotel.

Hotel website design Stay in a City London

While we often associate red with urgency and danger, color psychology in design isn’t always that straightforward. In this hotel website, a soft shade of red is used, evoking a sense of energy and friendliness that is furthered by the use of conversational language and exclamation points.

Paired with a helpful chat message that automatically pops up when a new visitor enters the site, the overall feel is highly approachable. Adding a chat box to your site can help you grab visitors’ attention as well as provide them with valuable information.

Hotel website design Haus Pia Serviced Apartments

This Cape Town accommodation is sleek and elegant, with a hotel website design to match. You’re greeted by a set of slideshow photos that show off the chic interiors of the apartments themselves. In case you want to check availability right away, a booking form appears on the top fold of the homepage.

Signature Residence has taken into consideration everything surrounding their guests’ stay, from an airport shuttle to a range of activities. These appear in the website menu, providing guests with all the details they may require for their visit.

Hotel website design Signature Residence

Best practices for spot-on hotel website design

  • High quality media features: Images and videos are vital in setting the tone of your unique hotel. Lure in customers with fullscreen shots and other striking visuals. Use a professional photo gallery for sharp images, arranged in an eye-catching website layout.

Hotel website design Laguna Resort template

  • Intuitive user experience: Make sure visitors can easily navigate your website by opting for a familiar and simple website structure. Use a well-labeled menu to help visitors reach the desired page easily. If site visitors have a hard time looking for the reservation page, you’re likely to lose potential customers. Really consider the different parts of your website to get this part right.

  • Prominent booking button: Your main goal is to get visitors to make a reservation, right? With this type of service business website, you want to make it as easy as possible for them by ensuring that your button is highly visible (as well as choosing the best scheduling software). Play around with your website color schemes, picking a bright shade for your button that contrasts with its surroundings, making it stand out. You can also pin the element to the screen, so that the button stays fixed even when visitors scroll down your site.

  • Live chat: Guests are much more likely to inquire about booking a room if they can easily contact you. Adding a live chat widget to your site can help visitors feel welcome. You’ll also be able to provide them with all the information they need and form real connections with them, before they’ve even stepped foot in the door.

Hotel website design Modern Hotel template

  • Simple online booking: Ensure an easy and seamless booking process by crafting a clear, to-the-point interface. Minimize the number of steps required, sticking to the crucial details like check-in and check-out dates and number of guests. Take note that visitors asked to fill in a never-ending online form are likely to give up midway.

Hotel website City Apartment Rental template

  • Mobile optimized: Many of your site visitors are likely to be booking from their smartphones. To stay on top of your game, make sure your website is mobile-first, with clear navigation and booking options from any mobile device. Using a hotel website template will set you off in the right direction for this.

  • Multilingual option: In the hotel business (as well as other types of businesses), customers are likely to come from all over the world. That’s why building a multilingual website is recommended in this industry, as it can expand your chances of getting bookings by a global audience.

  • Online testimonies: Including real reviews by satisfied customers on your website will make you seem more reliable and set a positive impression. Another person's honest opinion can sometimes be more convincing than any business's best marketing efforts.

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