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7 unique business ideas from Wix users that will amaze you

Unique Business Ideas from Wix Users That Will Amaze You

Here at Wix, we like to think that your stunning website lays the groundwork for all your dreams and passions to bloom into beautiful and fruitful business ventures. After all, creating your website is the easiest part. Right? So be your business seasonal insoles for your shoes, a unicorn adoption agency or scarves for your pooch, we assure you we’ve got a template to suit.

We’ve rounded up a couple (of the many!) most original and unique business ideas from our talented Wix users (for even more ideas, check out our business ideas guide). Get your credit cards ready ‘cause we know you’re going to love these:

As a kid, do you remember how proud you were of your awesome lego creations? Well now, thanks to Brick Brick gear, you can wear those marvelous works of art on your hat. That’s right, your cap can be fully customizable from the design and the colors to the fit. Although simple, their website clearly provides you with all the information you need as well as a ‘gallery’ page to show off all those unique innovations.

Wix unique business ideas - Brick Brick Gear

Continuing with childhood wonders, we present Unicorn Adoptions. This creative company aims to unleash your ‘inner fabulousness!’ Could there be anything better? (Did we mention they ship worldwide?) Each “adoption” package includes regular updates from the unicorn community, your special chosen package and they even make a donation in your name with every purchase. Basically, all your dreams are coming true. Can you handle it? This site is all about those milky, pastel colors that fit so perfectly with our mythical friends.

Wix unique business ideas - Unicorn Adoptions

Our next unique business idea is for all the women out there. Introducing, PantyProp, the solution for those uncomfortable and often embarrassing issues we’ve all experienced one time or another during that time of the month. The product is simple yet totally innovative and has launched a revolution for women! PanyProp’s ‘product’ page displays the variety of styles and colors available for purchase directly from their beautiful site.

Wix unique business ideas - Pantyprop

From the creation of two (very) sleep deprived parents comes Fade Away sleep sounds. The white noise sounds help your baby, and maybe even you, fall asleep. These clever parents also offer relaxing nature sounds as well as what they describe as “life sounds,” which are basically familiar noises like a fan, a sprinkler or a train going down a track. You can even send a request for any kind of life sounds you would like to doze off to. Their site includes playful graphics, a cool and comforting gray, blue and white color scheme and an easy to navigate layout. Fade Away has brilliantly encompassed every element a website needs, including a link to their Spotify page all the while maintaining an informational blog for all those parents looking to read up on the benefits of sleep sounds.

Wix unique business ideas - Fade Away Sleep Sounds

05. DeLair Designs

Moving on from babies to your furry friends who seem to have no trouble catching a nap at any time of the day. DeLair Designs specializes in scarves and bandanas for your dog. Their expansive product page has been categorized into seasonal accessories, ensuring your pooch is always appropriately dressed. All the bandanas are fully customizable with adjustable buttonholes to fit your (adorable) growing puppy.

Wix unique business ideas - DeLair Designs

06. My gentec

We’ve all been at a family dinner when your grandma politely asks, “What is Skype?” You take a long, deep breath because you know you’ve got a lot explaining to do. Luckily for grandmas and grandpas everywhere, My gentec has made it their mission to teach older generations about the technology they didn’t grow up with. Their appropriately basic and easy to navigate website has some of the sweetest testimonials you’ll ever find.

Wix unique business ideas - MY Gentec

Ready to channel your inner Princess Mia? Now you can! At Pacific Archery Academy you can enroll in archery classes. The best part of it all? You can book their classes directly through their website, thanks to Wix Bookings. Budding archers will appreciate their splendid website complete with adorably designed logo imitating the tip of a bow.

Wix unique business ideas - Pacific Archery Academy

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