Wix Logo Maker: the Best Way to Create Your Own Logo Online

As small as your logo may be, it has quite a big role to play. It will be seen everywhere, both online and offline. Moreover, it will serve as the visual mark of reference for your brand, and will transmit your company’s message to your clients and potential clients. As a result, having a good logo is one of the first things you should plan when launching your business. The problem: we know you have many talents and skills (your business didn’t just appear out of thin air), but designing is not necessarily one of your strong points. So what if you could create your own professional logo without the help of a designer? Could it be?

The answer is yes. We’re excited to offer you a revolutionary logo generator that’s intuitive to use, adapted to any level of computer expertise, and will ultimately save you costs. Not to mention, you’ll preserve precious time to focus on your booming business. Introducing: The Wix Logo Maker.

Become your own logo designer

When looking to design your own logo, an intuitive tool that’s easy-to-use and delivers impressive results is an absolute must. The Logo Maker is what Wix is for websites: a sophisticated and complete solution that’s simple yet super effective. This revolutionary tool will start by asking you a few questions: the name of your brand, your industry and the adjectives that describe your overall feel. Based on your answers, the powerful algorithm will then automatically generate a selection of variations of what your future logo might look like. Simply pick your favorite and get ready to customize.

From the fonts to the icon, you can switch up everything, to make your little gem suit your brand to a T. And voilà! In record time, you’re able to imagine, personalize and download a logo that’s telling of your brand. You can immediately download the result, to be used in any imaginable size for all your marketing efforts – website, social media channels, business cards, watermarks and more.

How to create a logo with Wix Logo Maker

It’s actually one of the fastest, most intuitive processes you’ll experience on the Internet. Here are the simple steps you’ll need to take, in order to receive an impressive logo that you can use immediately throughout your business efforts.

  1. Open the Wix Logo Maker.

  2. Enter the name of your biz. This will be the brand that appears on your logo. The Logo Maker also gives you the possibility to add your tagline, if you have an extra message to convey to your audience.

  3. Fill in your business or industry.

  4. Pick the adjectives that best describe your brand. This will help the powerful algorithm understand what the mood and tone of your brand is.

  5. Vote on a couple of logo options so that the Logo Maker can tune in to your style.

  6. Select your favorite version, amongst the options automatically generated by the algorithm.

  7. Customize your logo design so it looks exactly the way you envisioned it.

  8. Download your free logo, and get ready to show it off. When you’re ready to make it official, simply purchase your design and download the high-resolution files – to be used for any need, on any platform at anytime.

Successful logo 101

Now that you’ve selected the best online tool out there, it’s imperative to understand what a great logo is comprised of. Luckily for you, we’ve got the ultimate step-by-step guide on how to design a stunning logo for your business. Take the time to read it, as it will considerably help you create a more striking and memorable visual mark. However, since we know you’re a busy bee, we’ve compiled some key logo design tips to get things rolling. By definition, a successful logo is:

  • Simple: The phrase, “less is more” has never been more fitting. On top of improving its versatility (see the next point below), the less complicated your logo is, the easier it is to memorize.

  • Versatile: You’ll want a logo that looks good no matter where it’s placed. If your baby only looks great on big screens, but is impossible to read on a small printed piece of paper, you’ve probably missed the point.

  • Timeless: Naturally, with time, you’ll need to spruce things up a bit (Doesn’t everyone need a bit of that?), but your aim should be to design a logo as if it were your last. Always ask yourself: “Will this still look good in 10 years?” before making your logo.

  • Appropriate: Your logo doesn’t have to necessarily show exactly what your biz does or sells. Nevertheless, it should somehow appeal to your target audience. Understanding who that crowd is takes some research, but that valuable information will ensure your logo “talks” to the right people.

Last but not least, an appealing logo is up-to-date. Since your creation will be popping up in all kinds of places (from your Facebook page to your stunning website), you’ll want to ensure that it’s aligned with the current standards of your audience. Other than checking out logo design ideas and inspiration, this article will guide you through the major logo trends of 2021. We certainly don’t want to spoil it for you, but from bright colors to creative typography, we guarantee an absolute feast for the eyes.

By Taira Sabo

Wix Blog Manager

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