Marketing Trends We Can’t Wait to See in 2018

We live in exciting times, guys. New technologies continue to inspire brilliant minds to create spectacular tools; consumers are challenging brands to develop more sophisticated services; digital discoveries are opening bigger and better opportunities than ever before. In 2018, we will definitely be introducing exciting new features to the Wix website builder. Stick around to find out more!

Of course, 2018 is also going to pose new challenges for business owners and marketers. Professionals who want to stay ahead of the game must keep their fingers on the pulse and get ready for new ideas and techniques. To make the most of these great developments, you need to stay informed and be prepared to integrate them into your business strategy.

As we’re getting ready to welcome the new year, here are some key marketing trends to keep an eye on for the upcoming year.

Micro moments: marketing for the “right now”

The digital age is giving new meaning to the phrase “living in the moment.” Smartphones are making it possible to perform virtually any task at any given moment, no matter where you are. This phenomenon led Google’s marketing wiz kids to develop their Micro Moments method, a marketing technique that’s geared to address the immediate interests, desires and cravings of consumers.

According to Google’s data, consumers are becoming more and more accustomed to making “right now” decisions. Searching for nearby, open-now, happening-today opportunities is changing how people are choosing products and services. This new consumer behavior will continue to become more prevalent in 2018, and brands that are able to insert themselves into that moment will benefit greatly from it.

Video content stepping up

Even a casual scrolling of your Facebook feed should show you how prominent video content is these days. Live streams, 360 degrees videos, video demonstrations, interviews, branding clips now pose a significant portion of the content we are exposed to on social platforms. For businesses to be able to profit from this trend, they need to take a whole new approach to video.

Large brands are already investing more resources in video marketing. During 2018, more and more companies will turn to this media, not just industry leaders. Among the outcomes you can expect in this sphere are that video professionals will become regular members of online marketing teams; new tools to analyze consumer response to video will emerge, and video content will become more and more mobile-oriented. You can get started now with Wix Video – the easiest way to showcase your videos online.

Get ready for AI marketing

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a matter of sci-fi novels. Every day, new tools based on AI technology are popping up. About a year ago, Wix launched our very own Artificial Design Intelligence platform that builds unique websites for users based on their interests, occupation and style. AI is spreading and in 2018, its influence in marketing will be huge.

Just to give you an example of how AI can transform marketing, there are now AI services that create PPC advertising for companies, refining the messaging as well as the reach based on the work of algorithms. AI is also being used to customize user experience on websites, as well as in email campaigns, to help brands personalize their interactions with their audience. Sounds cool, right? Without a doubt, AI will be leading some of the most exciting innovations in marketing in the near future.

The year of the growth hacker

It’s safe to say that 2018 will be the year of a new type of digital creative – the growth hacker. Growth hacking is a term born out of the startup scene, describing the number one goal of young startup companies – growth. Of course, regular marketing is interested in growth as well, but as one of the multiple other goals (like branding, customer retention, etc.), growth hacking is singularly devoted to cracking how a company can grow.

Growth hackers are not entirely new to the digital world, but they have mostly been typical of startup business environments. In the upcoming year, we expect to see an expansion of this specific profession into other fields, as well as further professionalization of the job. One indication of that is that you can now train to be a growth hacker.

Voice assistants are the new salespersons

Alexa, Echo and Siri, Google Home – these are household items and household names. Unlike the rest of your furniture and appliances, these voice-operated consoles are meant to offer you the services of a personal assistant. But as it turns out, they’re not just here to answer your trivia questions or help you find a great recipe for dinner. These voice assistants also operate as marketing and advertising tools.

Experts predict that as these devices enter more and more homes, paid content will become more prominent on them. In this scenario, when you ask your voice assistant for a list of nearby Italian restaurants, the results you’ll hear back will feature some kind of paid ad, similar to the paid search results you see on your search engine.

Understanding marketing attribution

Don’t be alarmed. This term may sound like technical jargon but it’s actually relevant to any business operation, regardless of industry or size. Broadly put, marketing attribution is the relationship between marketing and revenue. It measures the quality of a specific marketing avenue based on its performance. For instance, the same campaign running on Facebook, email marketing and podcast ads will yield different marketing attributions for each of these platforms based on how effective they were in achieving the campaign’s goals.

Why is marketing attribution important? Because it gives you a granular picture of your interactions with your audience and exposes the subtle variations that account for a great, mediocre or unsatisfactory campaign. Analyzing marketing attribution, in short, will help you create more successful campaigns and strategies for your brand, and you can count on 2018 to march in some exciting new tools that will help you do just that.

Marketing transparency and authenticity

Get used to it: Your audience is saturated with ads. From the email inbox to YouTube videos, marketing content in all its different forms is omnipresent. This is bad for brands in two significant ways. For one, people get desensitized. They quickly develop a way to distinguish between marketing messages and organic content and simply filter out the former. On top of that, they grow more suspicious of content that appears inauthentic and too “salesy.”

As a response to these trends, marketers and companies are turning towards transparency as a guiding value, adopting a more forthright approach in an effort to build trust with their audiences. Acknowledging that consumers are savvier than ever before, many brands are realizing that an authentic marketing message is good for business.

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By The Wix Team

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