Slay! 11 New Cutting-Edge Templates for All Professionals

The New Year is around the corner and that means it’s time to start thinking about your resolutions for 2018. Creating a stunning website for the business of your dreams is definitely a great place to start.  At Wix, innovation is the name of the game and our New Year’s Resolution is always the same; to make the web look more beautiful! How are we going to do that? With new stunning Wix templates of course.  

[Insert fireworks] Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present to you the 11 latest Wix templates:

Barbershop Template

Today, men are not embarrassed to spend money on their personal grooming and vintage barbershops have become the go-to spot. This growing trend influenced our design team to create a sleek template with a classic feel. The in-your-face (and gorgeous) image welcomes site visitors and clearly displays what it is you’re offering. As you continue to scroll, the playful background of mustaches sets the tone for the service section.

To top it off, The Wix Pro Gallery included will encourage your visitors to like and share your buzzed creations. A style like this guarantees your biz will look fresh & clean, just like the feeling after a new haircut.

Business Coach Template

Working as a life coach means that your career is dedicated to helping others. That’s why we’ve created a template that is all about you.

The design throughout the homepage has a clear and clean vibe that puts you and your skills in the center of it all. A large headshot next to the About Me section creates a sense of welcoming for your visitors and leads to a spacious section where you can elaborate on your workshops or one-on-one sessions. The icing on the cake? The inviting contact form and casual, ‘Lets Talk’ text.

Dog Walker Template

Woof! It is about time that assistance for our furry friends became a recognized biz! As a profession that relies on bookings, the first thing your visitors want to see is a friendly face and a clear way to get in touch. This split-screen one-pager does exactly that.  The polished parallax scrolling effect reveals heartwarming images of dogs, which will leave your clientele wanting to scroll more. Our designers decided to use cards design (small containers representing its own singular thought, but all falling under a single unified theme) to clearly describe the services section.

But the feature that makes us want to howl is the awesome photo gallery of the “happy clients.” This personal touch is adorable and you can customize this section for any type of website.

Fashion Designer Template

One day you’re in, the next day you’re out! That’s how cutthroat the fashion world is, which is why we’ve created a timeless template that you’ll want to strike a pose for. Black and white will always be the king and queen of the runway, and that runway will soon be your website. The addition of the hamburger menu organizes your website in a stylish way, ensuring your prospective clients don’t miss a beat. The element that gives this Wix template the extra flavor is the asymmetrical design that’ll put the focus on your creations . Oh, and hover over the eye on the top right corner for a super unique way to get to the “As Seen On” page. Blink and you’ll miss it ;-)

All of these stylish elements will awaken your inner diva that you’ll need in order to pull in future clients. So make it work!

Lactation Consultant Template

New mothers who are seeking some advice and guidance need to know that they’ll be comforted in a safe environment, which inspired our design team to create this calming template. The rose-colored theme creates an inviting feeling and reveals an approachable layout. It highlights the important details a new mother would want to see, like an informative About page, a blog they can relate to, and testimonials they can identify with.  

Whatever line of work you are in, if you are catering to new moms, your “newborn” site will give your visitors a pleasant feeling.

Therapist Template

Those seeking some type of therapy are looking for someone professional, trustworthy and experienced. The color green symbolizes renewal and growth; which is why it’s used in this simple and informative therapist template.

Your visitors will want to know they are dealing with someone they can depend on and that’s why the focal point of this design is the About section. All the information that a prospective client needs to know is clearly displayed. The layout is complemented by a unique verticalized menu, and while at first glance this may look like a one-pager, there is actually a second page to showcase the specialty services offered. This added depth will give your new and existing clients that extra sense of dependability they need. 

Wardrobe Stylist Template

As a fashion stylist, you want to show off your vision, inspiration and your experience. With a soft background color, this homepage allows you to draw attention to the diversity of your portfolio. Take note of the usage of Serif fonts, a trend we’re seeing as the New Year rolls in, with an added emphasis on the italicized font for that extra touch.  Your vision will take center stage with clickable images that lead to elaborate descriptions and more details about your projects.

Car Repair Template

Being a mechanic is a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it, right? This template brings sexy back to the world of car repairing. The large background image (or video, if you wish to switch) and the core values of the biz are displayed upon arrival through cute icons and clear text, providing a unique view into your business.

The combination of the dark colors with a striking red accent, seen even on the Google Map, gives this design the sleekness that was missing from the repair world. Go on, show your visitors you know what’s trendy while sharing your expertise!

Digital Advertising Agency Template

If your business involves design and advertising, your website needs to be sharp, clean and up to date with the current web design trends.

The color blue builds visual and emotional recognition, which is why our designers picked this electric blue as the background of this daring template. Your visitors will take part in an interactive experience; when they hover over the project gallery, it changes colors, and a click will direct them to a page with more information on the project. The playful animation will pique your visitors’ curiosity enough to keep them scrolling down through the interactive About section where you can show off your team.  Bonus touch: the unique, Rubiks Cube-looking menu at the top right corner.

Interior Designer Template

As an interior designer, you need to be able to design with a flow that tells a story. Your website should reflect the same principle. Scrolling down the homepage gives a sneak peek into what your business is all about. Just like there’s an order in a home, there’s an order here.

First, you are greeted with a beautiful image, setting the stage for what the site is about, then you have a space for a small About section. But the main attraction of the website is the image gallery that’ll showcase your work. For artists and designers looking to show clients you’re up on the latest trends, this Wix template is for you.

Makeup Artist Template

As a makeup artist, your client’s face is your canvas. For our designers, this template served as their canvas. Framed with stunning images, pastel colors and an entrancing parallax scrolling effect, your website is about to get a serious makeover. The added animation is sure to bring your site to life and help shape your vision as a progressive artist. The combination of colors and fonts gives the feel of a gorgeous makeup palette come to life.  

By Yoav Schlezinger

Community and Social Media Manager

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