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Promote Your Site \ APR 26th 2017

5 Ways Independent Musicians Can Break Through Online 🎵

It’s no secret that the music industry has changed. Think about it: it wasn’t too long ago that we said RIP to cassettes and hello to a digital library filled with MP3s. With online files making music more accessible than ever, the way that we buy, sell and consume music has changed drastically – but what does this all mean for the industry?

The online playing ground for music consumption has given artists endless flexibility to promote themselves online on their own terms. In fact, big names like Wix Music artists Karmin and Lil Dicky have embraced the digital world wholeheartedly by selling their tunes on their websites or (gasp!), even giving it away for free. Better yet, in doing so, they proved that embracing digital downloads didn’t mean the death of making a living as a musician.

What tricks can other independent artists mimic to achieve success like Karmin and Lil Dicky? Read on to learn how you too can successfully promote yourself as an independent music artist:

No label, no problem

If you asked any artist two years ago what their end goal as a musician was, odds are they’d tell you it was to get discovered and sign with a major label. But the music industry has changed and the progression towards digitalization has made it easier than ever to get discovered without the backing of a major label. Today, independent artists like Macklemore and Karmin prove that all you need is great music, a stunning website, and some creative marketing techniques to make it in the big leagues.

Your website is the first place people look to find out more about you. Easily customize a Wix music website template with your own songs, images, and info to create the perfect base for your career online.

Let your music do the talking

Put your talent front and center by adding a music player prominently on your website. This free app allows you to post singles, albums or playlists on your website. From there, you can choose to offer your tunes for either free or paid download – both options are available to you commission free!

Your songs aren’t the only way to make your music player unique – you can customize it to fit your style by switching up its design and adding lyrics and track info.

Let your music do the talking

How giving away your music can still earn you money

Music may be the heart and soul of the industry, but songs are far from the only source of income for musicians. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Grammy award winning independent artist, Chance the Rapper credits two things that helped him generate money while giving his songs away for free: touring and selling merch. It should come as no surprise that he uses his website to promote those two things  – and guess what? You can too.

  1. Sell tickets for your shows on your website with the Bandsintown or Songkick apps. Both of these apps let fans RSVP and buy tickets to your upcoming gigs right from your website.
  2. Turn your website into an online merch booth by easily adding a store to your site. Sell everything from T-shirts to vinyl versions of your albums on your website’s online store. Oh, and in case you were wondering: items sold in your store are commission free, meaning 100% of the profits go straight to your pocket.

Build a loyal fan base

Arguably the best part of the digital revolution is how effortless person-to-person communication has become. Whereas back in the day, the pinnacle of fan-to-band communication was an autographed photo – today, musicians are taking advantage of online communication by sending personalized emails or even video recordings to fans eager to keep in touch.

Start building a loyal fan base now by creating a mailing list consisting of your followers. Use email marketing tools like Wix ShoutOut to send updates to your fans, or spoil your loyal following by including early releases of your newest tunes.

Get a professional edge with an electronic press kit

There’s no shortage of competition in the music industry; sometimes all it takes to stand out is to show that you have a professional edge and take the business seriously. When it comes to your website, that edge is as easy as including an electronic press kit (or EPK). An EPK is a password protected page that you can share with professionals like labels, booking agents or club owners to score more gigs. Your EPK is the place to present your full story including your bio, music, photos, videos, tour dates, reviews.

Ready to promote your musical talent online? Create a music website with Wix!

By Nathaly Myers
Community & Social Media Manager, Wix - About the Wix Blog

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