7 Breathtaking Hotels You Must Book for Your Next Vacation

Have you put your heart and soul into spring cleaning? Have long work hours brought your internal battery to 5%? Someone coughed too close to your face while you walked down the street?

Sounds like you’ve earned a well-deserved vacation with your partner, friends, family or by yourself. Because we have a special spot in our hearts for you, our precious readers, we picked 8 amazing hotels managed by Wix users around the globe. After all, why not to keep it in the family? :) Now, all you need to do is look at some pictures, make a decision, click some buttons, book your stay with the marvelous Wix Hotels online booking system, and… poof! Future you can conquer Mexico, South Korea or Italy.

Hotel Stelor

Situated on the west coast of Gotland, Sweden’s largest island, Hotel Stelor will provide you with the full rustic experience. “The Cowboy,” “The Scientist” and “The Maid’s Chamber” might sound like unexciting board games but at the Stelor, these are the names of the uniquely decorated rooms. Just check out their stunning website – they’ve done an amazing job capturing the vibe of the hotel through their use of video backgrounds, parallax scrollingand enchanting images.  Whether you’re planning a couple’s retreat, family vacation or the hippest wedding of the century, this refurbished 18th-century farmhouse will be the perfect choice.

Playa Venao Hotel Resort

Stretching alongside 2.5 miles of sandy Panamanian beaches, Playa Venao Hotel Resort is the complete package offer. In addition to the dazzling beaches, the property comes with an infinity-edge pool, a fitness center and a spa. Once entering the resort’s website, the stunning photos in the changing background will hypnotize you straight to enter your preferable dates to the convenient booking system. Prepare yourself for difficult choices like local gourmet food in the hotel’s restaurant, a dance at the open air dance floor or a surfing, fishing or boat ride to Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge. It’s going to be tough to pick just one.

Agriturismo La Palazzetta

Imagine a historic Italian farmhouse in the heart of Umbria, surrounded by olive trees. You’re sitting on the porch, drinking local Sangiovese wine and nibbling on some Caciotta cheese – do we need to continue? Agriturismo La Palazzetta, a renovated country guesthouse, is situated on a hill, 344 meters above sea level. The farmhouse boasts three carefully designed, warm and cozy apartments that guarantees you’ll taste the authentic country vibe.

Casa Santuario

How many places provide you the opportunity to watch dolphins, sea lions and even whales from the terrace? Well, that’s just one of the perks of Casa Santuario, a luxury villa overlooking the Sea of Cortez in northwestern Mexico. It’s possible to rent the place as a whole or just enjoy each one of the 6 separate suits (breathtaking panoramic view included).

Epicurean Retreats Condo & Villa

Jealousy [jel–uh-see, noun]  – resentment against a person enjoying success or advantage.

That’s what most of your friends will feel once you’ll upload the first photo from your vacation at the Epicurean Retreats Condo & Villa at Palm Cay in the Bahamas. Even if you don’t have a passive-aggressive relationship with your close ones, this place has ‘once in a lifetime vacation’ written all over it. The white sand, azure waters, palm trees and ocean view terraces won’t disappoint you. Oh, and you can easily book the condo or the villa directly through the site’s accessible and simple platform.

Sago Hotel

If you’re looking to enrich your New York City experience, Sago Hotel could be the cherry on top of your big apple. A luxurious hotel, revolving a complete balance between modern design and historic atmosphere. The renovated hotel is situated in the Lower East Side, close to Little Italy, and boasts a terrace with spectacular view of the city. Besides the unique interior design, Sago’s website allows you to get a glimpse of the urban view that awaits outside your window. Looking for a place to lay your head in the city that never sleeps? Sago Hotel will be a great choice.

TORi Cottage

Beautiful beaches, 8 km long lava tube and a teddy bear museum are just a small taste of what Jeju island in South Korea has to offer. And in case you’re headed to this magical place, why not stay in TORi cottage? A masterful creation – divided into 3 different areas – Play, Rest and Party. Can’t get enough of the amazing view from the pool? No problem, the Gallery Dining Room will keep the vitamin D flowing your way.

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By Chen Attias

Community Manager

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