The Power of An Effective FAQ Page (& How to Create One)

A good FAQ page can be a powerful tool. In addition to helping establish your expertise, it can boost your online sales, keep your customers satisfied and even push up your website on Google results.

But simply adding an FAQ page brimming with miscellaneous information about your business won’t do the trick. To create a page that really answers your clients’ questions and improves your sales takes a bit of planning and know-how.

Luckily, we’ve learned a few things over the years about how to create an awesome and effective FAQ page. Want to discover the hidden powers of an FAQ page? Read on.

1. They save you time (and money)

That’s right, adding this one little page to your website can save you time and money. When written and organized well, an FAQ page should do exactly what it says – answer questions that your customers frequently ask. When visitors can read important information right on your site, they won’t pester you with petty or repetitive phone calls and emails. This will free up time to focus on running your business. And time, of course, is money.

2. They make it easy for customers to find what they need

Make sure your FAQ page is easy to navigate so visitors can easily find what they are looking for. Consider which questions are truly most helpful to your clients and not only those that you personally think are most important. Write the answers in simple language that is easy for potential customers to understand. Avoid technical language, jargon or unnecessary details.

A good FAQ page is skimable, so visitors jump immediately to the questions that are relevant to their concerns. When designing your page, write a list of all the questions at the top of the page and link each question to the answer. You can do this either using anchor text or by creating clickable questions that open up to reveal their answers using the Wix FAQ app. Finally, use headers or bold text to highlight key concepts and keep your customers engaged.

3. They establish you as an expert

Your FAQ page is a great place to present yourself as an expert in your field. Customers prefer to work with professionals, so this added value will increase the likelihood that visitors will buy from you. While potential customers may initially have more trouble trusting an online business, a good FAQ page can make all the difference by establishing your legitimacy.

To effectively establish your expertise, make sure that all of the information on your FAQ page is accurate and up to date.

4. They improve your sales

A great FAQ page can actually increase what’s called your “conversion rate,” or the percentage of visitors on your site who do whatever it is that you want them to do on your site, whether it’s purchase at your ecom shop, visit your store or drop you a line. Once you’ve earned your customers’ trust, they are far more likely to purchase.

To increase your conversion rate, make it easy for visitors to take action directly from the FAQ page. Link each answer and the entire FAQ page back to your Home Page, Contact Page or Online Shop. When designing the page, keep in mind that you don’t want the FAQ page to be the last page that a potential client visits on your site; you want to encourage them to click on other pages and lead them as quickly as possible to purchase.

5. They can boost your SEO

FAQ pages can be very helpful in getting your website to show up on Google. Search engines scan your website for key phrases in order to understand what your business and website are about. When writing the questions and answers on your FAQ page, use keywords and phrases about your business. This will help Google understand what type of business you are so they can rank your website appropriately in relevant searches.

Have we convinced you of the amazing powers of an FAQ page? If you’re ready to add an FAQ page to your Wix website, all you need is a few minutes. With the Wix FAQ App, you can add an FAQ page to your site and edit it easily. Rearrange the questions at any time and try playing with additional features such as the “toggle” tool, which allows users to open and close the content window with a simple click.

A final note about FAQ pages: They’re not for every website. If you don’t have important information to relay to your customers or if you’re struggling to think of a few good questions to put on the page, don’t force it. FAQ pages are not necessary or even recommended for every website.

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