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Promote Your Site \ JUN 22nd 2015

10 Excellent Landing Pages You Need To See Before Your Next Campaign

Wanna create a super-effective campaign that wins you leads, referrals and sales? It’s time to get serious and use the most rewarding online strategy known to marketers today: Creating a landing page. A landing page is a single, highly focused web page that people get to after clicking on a Google ad, Facebook ad or a search engine result. Its sole purpose is to drive visitors towards conversion – subscribing, purchasing, downloading, leaving their contact details or any other action that is relevant to the campaign.

For a landing page to be effective, it needs to be carefully constructed, designed and written. Sounds complicated? Not at all! Wix provides you with the perfect toolset to create a killer landing page in under an hour and effortlessly publish it to the web.

But before you start working on your next marketing campaign, scroll down and see what else we have for you – 10 superbly made landing pages to inspire your creative process.
You guessed right: All of these pages are 100% Wix-made!

Investor Ball >>

See how the page instructs the visitors through the necessary steps?

landing Pages12

Brand Bands >>

The mysterious “find out more” button is a great way to attract more clicks.

Brand Bands

Extreme Academy >>

Striking visuals immediately attract the visitors’ attention.

Extreme Academy

Just Blog It >>

Videos are extremely effective in engaging your page’s visitors.

Just Blog It

Juleah >>

The concept layout on this page shows that there is always room for creative design, even in marketing.

Juleah Music

London Southside Chamber of Commerce >>

The buttons that solicit actions are designed to stand out straight away.

London Southside Chamber of Commerce

AGC Accelerating Business >>

Combining a great image with an enticing question – What a great hook!

AGC Accelerating Business

Jake Moore Insurance >>

Sometimes all you need on your landing page is a contact form. Then your marketing skills take the lead.

Jake Moore Insurance

Urban Strategies and Solutions >>

Clarity and simplicity are often the best sales technique.

Urban Strategies and Solutions

Two Bob Billabong >>

Despite the fun vibe, when it’s time to get to business this agency keeps it very straightforward.

Two Bob Bill

The Tydes >>

The actions available are communicated very clearly by using simple verbs – See, Follow, Hear, Watch.

The Tydes

Jembod >>

While this artist’s website is still under construction, his landing page does a great job at giving visitors a reason to come back for more.


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