Top 5 Features to Add to Your Food Website

Even though most people can stare at food photos for hours, a great food-related website needs more than just mouthwatering photos of delicious dishes. If you want site visitors to appreciate your website enough to order your food, try out your recipes or visit your restaurant, you need to make sure they get the best impression possible.

Wix offers food lovers and restaurant owners a bundle of great features that can make any good food website into a great one. Here are five great features to consider:

Visual Menus >>

Don’t settle for a text-only menu! People first eat with their eyes and there’s nothing like a strong photo to motivate them to try your food.  Our Restaurant Menu App lets you design menus for your website that look just as beautiful as the menus on your restaurant’s tables. It is very easy to use and customizing a menu to fit your needs only takes a few minutes. While adding a menu to your website, don’t forget to add descriptions to your photos: eating is an experience that involves all senses and an enticing description can go a long way.

Instagram Feed >>

All food-related businesses should have a frequently updated Instagram account. Having a dynamic Instagram account signals to clients that you cook fresh food every day, that you’re mindful of using seasonal ingredients and that you’re a passionate, inquisitive foodie. Many food venues update their Instagram accounts with photos of daily specials, their beautiful kitchen, best sellers and their satisfied clients. With a Wix site, you can take this a step further. Rather than keeping your website and Instagram account separate, you can easily integrate your Instagram feed into your Wix website and give clients a taste of your culinary genius.

Online Reservation Service >>

You know your online presence is in good shape when your website makes life easier for your clients. As a restaurant, one of the ways to achieve this is to allow customers to reserve tables directly from your website instead of picking up the phone. By adding the online reservation tool to your site, you give people the option to manage their interaction with your restaurant at their own pace.

Delivery and Pickup Tool >>

Here’s another great example of how you can simplify things for your clients. Let them choose and order their meals directly on your website and decide whether they want take-away or delivery right at their doorstep. This App comes with all the necessary features for food orders, including quantities, special requests and even coupon integration.

Yelp Reviews and Ratings >>

Yelp is one of these essential platforms that can help you build a reputation and a following. Its huge user base acts as a recommendation network that potential customers really take into account when considering trying out new places. Instead of referring your site visitors to an external Yelp page, this app allows you to display your reviews and ratings right on your website. What better way to gain credibility than that?

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