Perk Up Your Site Photos With the New Image Editor!

Outstanding news for all Wix users! The photos on your website are about to get a full-on upgrade. Wix has just added the powerful Aviary image editor that will help you make the most out of your site’s photos.

More professional photos create a stronger impression with site visitors and will really capture your target audience. Use the new image editor to: get more control with easy customization options; optimize your images with gorgeous effects; and improve the overall design of your website.

The image editor is conveniently located within the Wix website builder. After uploading an image, you can start editing and customizing, fitting it perfectly and naturally into your website’s design.

Meet the Features of the New Image Editor

Wix users now have tons of new image editing options, including cropping, rotating, adding text and stickers, drawing, enhancing colors and other advanced features. You can even do photo retouching and quality enhancement with a few simple clicks.

Let’s have a closer look at what you can now do directly in the Wix website builder:

Orientation: Change the image orientation by mirroring and flipping it in all directions. This is a very valuable feature that gives you more freedom in structuring the entire site layout.

Effects: The image editor comes with 25 awesome effects that work very much like Instagram filters. The effects give any image a complete makeover with just one click. You can find an effect for any atmosphere, mood or purpose you need.

Enhance: The Enhancement tool auto-corrects your image with four basic modes – Enhance, Night, Backlit, Balance. This tool is best for quick fixes if you don’t have the time to fine tune the image.

Contrast: Increase or reduce the difference between the lighter and darker areas of the image. Increasing contrast will the make the lighter parts much lighter and the darker parts much darker, while reducing it will create a much more balanced effect.

Saturation: Accentuate or soften the colors in the image. In high-saturation photos, different hues burst to life, making the image seem almost like a painting. Low-saturation photos create a more moody and somewhat dream-like atmosphere.

Warmth: Change the light temperature of the image from warm to cold. Warming the image will bring out colors like red and yellow, while cooling it will bring out greens and blues.

Sharpness: This option significantly improves the image sharpness, but you can also use it for the opposite effect and make it extra blurry.

Red Eye: We all know this one – a simple way to reduce red eyes on photos. You can use a tiny brush for very precise results.

Blemish: Wrinkles, pimples, stains – this effect covers up what needs to be covered. What this tool actually does is to recognize the area surrounding the chosen part and adjust the blemish according to it. Best used with smaller brushes.

Whiten: While this tool is mostly used to whiten teeth, it can actually work on any white surface that needs some fresh paint – a white picket fence, a stained wall and even various food types.

Text & Stickers: Add a funky touch to your image with a cute sticker, or a text layer that is easily customizable with many fonts and colors. When you use these two features, make sure the new layer you add complements the image. Don’t overdue it with too many icons or with flashy colors that don’t site well together.

Ok, now that you’ve been officially introduced to the image editor, give it a try and start having fun. Your website images have never looked this good.


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