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Smart Search by Searchanise
By Searchanise
14 day free trial

Smart Search by Searchanise

By Searchanise
Boost your sales with our advanced search app
14 day free trial

Smart Search by Searchanise overview

    Personalized AI search with typo autocomplete, spellcheck, and synonyms
    Powerful filters that enable customers to quickly find what they need
    Various merchandising tools to further boost the conversion rate
    In-depth analytics to help your site grow
Searchanise will make your customers’ journey smooth and pleasant by offering them lightning-quick site search and flexible filtering tools. We’ll hold your visitors’ hand from the moment they type something into the search bar all the way through to the checkout process, offering them search results tailored to their behavior. Apart from a rapid search and personalized search results, we’ll also help your e-store increase sales by calling onto our varied toolkit, such as product merchandising rules, redirects right from the search box to your site or your partners’, and analytical reports. Our search app is trusted by 14,000+ ecommerce clients already, brands like Sennheiser, Durex, and MediaMarkt among them, and for good reason too: we pack a lot under the hood of one app.
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This app offers a 14-day free trial
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