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Wix Pricing Plans
By Wix
Free to install

Wix Pricing Plans

By Wix
Sell packages, memberships and subscriptions
Free to install
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  • Wix Pricing Plans overview

        Sell packages, memberships or subscription plans
        Connect plans to your bookings services, pages and more
        Select your preferred payment provider
        Manage your plans on the go with the Wix mobile app
    With the Wix Pricing Plans you can offer your site visitors exclusive access to your bookings services, pages, blog posts, video channels, programs, and more. Choose to charge customers a single payment, on a recurring basis or offer a free plan. Customize plans with a layout and design you want. Boost sales with discounts on your plans, notify members about new orders, soon to expire and canceled plans. Great for gyms, online trainers, educators, content creators and other business owners.
    Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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