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Fera Reviews
By Fera
Free plan available

Fera Reviews

By Fera
Beautiful reviews for eCommerce
Free plan available

Fera Reviews overview

    Show customer reviews, ratings, photos & videos
    Collect reviews directly on your site
    Import existing reviews from Google & Facebook
    Show reviews and ratings in Google Search
Start gathering and showing customer reviews for your website like never before. Fera is a reviews app with customizable widgets that look beautiful from the start. Get set up in minutes by collecting your own reviews or importing reviews from Facebook, Google, etc Features: 1. Customer review, photos & video management - Add, import, and edit reviews, photos & videos - Approve/decline customer submissions - Real shopper verified badges for reviews 2. Beautiful ratings, reviews & photo widgets - Show product review lists and rating badges anywhere - Display reviews on your home page, product pages, and collections - Create an 'All Reviews' page 3. Automatic review, photo & videos growth - Create automatic review request emails - Customize review request emails and choose when they get sent - Incentivize review submissions with discounts (in-app) or loyalty points (with Smile.io) - Let customers leave reviews directly on your site 4. Search Engine (SEO) friendly reviews - Show product ratings and reviews in Google and other search engines - Export your reviews to Google Shopping ... and much more. (Free plan available)
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Free plan


10 order review requests/mo
1 admin
~10 photos/videos (10mb)
Startup plan


100 order review requests/mo
2 admins
~100 photos/videos (100mb)
basic customization
Small plan


1,000 order review requests/mo
3 admins
~1,000 photos/videos (~1gb)
intermediate customization
Medium plan


10,000 order review requests/mo
5 admins
~10,000 photos/videos (10gb)
advanced customization
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