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Automatic Paid Plan Discounts
By WD Strategies
From / month

Automatic Paid Plan Discounts

By WD Strategies
Build monthly revenue by rewarding plan holders
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Automatic Paid Plan Discounts overview

    Offer paid plan holders discounts on e-commerce products
    Automatically detects whether the member has an active paid subscription
    Set flat, percentage-based, or shipping-related incentives for paying members
Offer discounts to paid members automatic discounts. This helps business owners build a recurring revenue position by offering incentives for members that hold paid plans. This creates an online ecosystem similar to popular e-commerce sites like Amazon's Prime membership. Installation is simple-add a single widget to your cart page and create a coupon code that will be applied to your paid members at checkout. Discounts Paid Plan Holders will automatically apply the code. For any non-members who attempt to use the code, our app will automatically remove the code.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Offer Discounts to Paid Plan Holders
Incentivise Recurring Subscriptions
Build Customer Loyalty
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