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Web Design \ JAN 17th 2014

15 Beautiful Wix Websites with Extreme Retro Chic

With all due respect to the present day and age, the retro style is definitely one of our favorites. We are feeling a bit vintagey today, so we decided to share this cool vibe with the Wix Blog readers and present to you an awesome showcase of retro-chic Wix websites. What’s fun about retro is that it actually contains more than one specific look. You can like 1920’s hairstyles or the 1950’s dress code, and mix it up a bit with 1970’s home decor. Regardless what your favorite retro inspiration is, you will find many websites on this list that will put you in the vintage mood. Enjoy!

Susie Brown >>

Susie Brown


Vintage Ice Cream Van >>

Vintage Ice Cream Van


Ronya Galka >>

Ronya Galka


Amy’s Bridal Accessories >>

Amy's Bridal Accessories


Grenier de Trucs >>

Grenier de Trucs


Bell Outdoor >>

Bell Outdoor


Nuevo Antiquity >>

Nuevo Antiquity


Pretty Please >>

Pretty Please


San Francisco Jitterbugs >>

vintage showcase9


Second Life Festival >>

Second Life Festival


Seeburg 1000 >>

Seeburg 1000


The Cocktail Caravan >>

The Cocktail Caravan


Palais de Danse >>

Palais de Danse


Vintage Chic Rentals >>

Vintage Chic Rentals


Wilfie James >>

Wilfie James



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