New Facebook Templates (including eCommerce!)

July 20th 2011 | Designing with Wix
Add a fully functional site to your fan page; add sparkle to your brand; even sell your products/services straight...

5 Sizzling Hot Pizza-Box Designs

July 19th 2011 | Web Design Inspiration
Wix Blog’s 5 Favorite Pizza Box Designs: Food for creative minds.

Vida de Oficina @

July 19th 2011 | Wix Español
Basado en hechos reales, queremos compartir con ustedes una pequeña cucharada de las cosas que escuchamos y que nos...
Just another day at

Office Life

July 18th 2011 | Wix News
Office life is brought to you by the very same people who suffered these events

Wix Picks of the Week # 1

July 14th 2011 | Wix Goodies brings you its first weekly collection of affordable and fabulous finds on the web. Click, discover, stop and...
Confiesa tus secretos a @MundoWix

El Concurso “Wix Me Conoce Mejor”: Tu secreto por un Smartphone!

July 13th 2011 | Wix Español
Deja de reprimirte y empieza a ganar! El concurso "Wix Me Conoce Mejor" empieza ahora: Confiesa tus secretos a...
Telling Secrets to @Wix

The “Wix Knows Me Best” Contest: Win a Smartphone!

July 13th 2011 | Wix Goodies
Time to come clean! The "Wix Knows Me Best" contest starts now: Share your secrets on Twitter & win...
Awesome Apps to Boost Your Dating Life

7 Awesome Apps to Boost Your Dating Adventures

July 12th 2011 | Wix
7 Best free dating apps for serial, adventurous or nervous daters. Help is on the way

¿Qué puede hacer Google+ por ti?

July 12th 2011 | Wix Español
Desde su lanzamiento hace alrededor de 2 semanas, Google+ es por invitación solamente. Alguien que ya está dentro de...
Google+ by the Wix Blog

What Google+ Can Do for You

July 11th 2011 | Google & SEO
Since its release about 2 weeks ago, Google+ is invite only. Splendid! We love exclusivity. And so do thousands...
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