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Top 50 Text Abbreviations and Internet Acronyms in 2022

Walk down the street in any major city and you can’t help but notice how many people are glued to their phones. We are constantly texting through iMessage and WhatsApp, chatting on Facebook and sending DMs (direct messages) on Instagram. And it’s only natural to want to communicate in the quickest, easiest way possible. That's where texting abbreviations and internet acronyms come to the rescue!

When I was a teen, we started using catchy shortcuts like LOL, JK, and TTYL back on AOL instant messenger. Generation Z has definitely given my millennial crew a run for its money. Creating these bad boys is a fun little game, which explains why new ones keep popping up in messages and across the internet. But I’m sure that sometimes, you see one, slant your head sideways and say, “huh?”. So let’s take a look at the 50 most-used acronyms and abbreviations found across the internet and text messaging in 2021.

25 must-know internet acronyms and abbreviations

01. ASAP: As soon as possible

When you want to get somewhere or do something now.

02. AYOR: At your own risk

If you don’t want to be held accountable for risky business.

03. BAU: Business as usual

Status quo at work, nothing new to report.

04. DIY: Do it yourself

Build it, create it, design it, you can do it all yourself—just like with a Wix website :)

05. DM: Direct message

When you send someone a private message on Instagram. Commonly referred to as “sliding into my dms”.

06. FB: Facebook

Unless you’ve lived on the Moon for the last ten years, you surely know this social platform.

07. FYI: For your information

To give someone an update about something they could have an interest in.

08. G2G: Got to go

“Get me out of here, I g2g.”

09. HIFW: How I feel when

Big Internet meme trend. Example: “HIFW I do anything nice”.

10. IMO: In my opinion

When you want to make it clear it’s from your perspective.

11. JIC: Just in case

JIC you need it, like bringing a snack for a long car ride so you don’t get hangry.

12. LOL: Laughing out loud

A classic. When something is funny, you simply LOL.

13. MSG: Message

You send them, receive them and sometimes LOL at them.

14. OOO: Out of office

When you are on vacation or at an off site, you can add an OOO status or message.

15. PAW: Parents are watching

Sneaky kids can warn friends when adults are lurking.

16. RN: Right now

When it’s urgent, you need it RN. Or you can say what you're doing RN.

17. RT: Real time

When something is happening RN, it’s happening in RT.

18. SMH: Shaking my head

Either it’s really funny, or completely absurd, then you can SMH.

19. TFW: That feeling when

Similar to HIFW, you can find it in image captions online.

20. TIA: Thanks in advance

When you ask someone for something and want to show gratitude before it's done.

21. TL;DR: Too long, didn’t read

Very popular lately. When you need a short version of a long explanation, you can give a one-to-two-sentence TL;DR before the extended description.

22. TTYL: Talk to you later

When you say bye, but want to emphasize you’ll talk later.

23. WDYT/WDYM: What do you think/What do you mean

Give me your thoughts or explain.

24. WFH: Work from home

A new norm in 2020. Stay home and WFH.

25. YNK: You never know

I love this one, it’s the optimists’ dream phrase because you really never know what will happen.

25 most popular texting acronyms and abbreviations

01. BAE: Before anyone else

Usually refers to a love interest: “BAE is coming over to Netflix and chill”.

02. FOMO: Fear of missing out

When you want to stay home, but you go out instead because you suffer from FOMO.

03. FTW: For the win

When you succeed at something, you can jazz it up with a FTW.

04. FWIW: For what it’s worth

When you give your honest opinion or share a deep thought, you can add this.

05. GL: Good luck

It’s always nice to send people some luck, especially if it’s the good kind.

06. GMTA: Great minds think alike

When you share the same thoughts as someone and you realize how clever you both are.

07. IDC: I don’t care

When you don’t have an opinion or you're just over it, throw ‘em a IDC.

08. IDK: I don't know

Sometimes you just don’t have the answer or a clue what is going on.

09. IDGAF: I don’t give a f***

Made famous by Dua Lipa, the vulgar version of IDC.

10. IRL: In real life

When something happens in your actual life, as opposed to online. “IRL>URL” means living life offline is better than online.

11. IFYP: I feel your pain

When someone is going through an unpleasant situation and you can relate.

12. ILY: I love you

Spread that LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

13. IMU: I miss you

Sometimes you just have to let people know you miss them.

14. JK: Just kidding

When you say a joke that maybe isn’t clear, or it is and you just wanna throw in a JK.

15. JSYK: Just so you know

Add this when you are giving info about something that isn’t crucial. “JSYK I will be at the beach all day Saturday, you’re welcome to join ;)”

16. LMK: Let me know

When you want someone to tell you what’s going on, simply say “lmk”.

17. NBD: No big deal

If something isn’t serious, you can also use NP (no problem) interchangeably.

18. OMW: On my way

When you are headed out to meet someone you can let them know you’re OMW.

19. SOML: Story of my life

When you can really relate to what someone is going through, especially if it happened to you as well.

20. SRSLY: Seriously

If you can’t believe it or are really serious about something.

21. TBH: To be honest

Sharing your honest opinion. I usually use this when I’m pissed or having a heart-to-heart: “TBH ILY <3”

22. WTF: What the f***

If you're shook by a discussion, this one is the only response.

23. WYWH: Wish you were here

When IMU just isn’t enough.

24. YTB: You’re the best

The best is the best, and sometimes you just have to let people know how you feel about them.

25. ZZZ: Sleeping, bored, tired

When you’re so tired and want to sleep through a boring meeting, it's ZZZ.

How to create your own abbreviations

Acronyms are shortcuts for phrases that are built with the first letters of each of its words, like ILY for I love you.

Abbreviations are shortened forms of words or lengthy phrases, by any method. Acronyms are a particular type of abbreviations, but there are many others. For example, titles are often written in their abbreviated forms (Dr. for Doctor), the same is true for long words (approx. for approximately), units of measurement (min. for minute) or locations (ave. for avenue). Note: Many abbreviations include a period, but it’s not always necessary (pt for pint).

For most of us, the internet and texting are integrated into our daily lives, resulting in new, fun and creative ways to form abbreviations. The basic online shorthand started from simple numbers and words:

2 = to/too

4 = for

B = be

C = see

I = eye

O = owe

R = are

U = you

Y = why

You could combine them and make phrases like IOU (I owe you) or 2U (to you).

Traditionally, acronyms are written in all caps, but it’s not necessary. It’s really a style choice if you prefer to write ILY or ily to your BAE (or bae). I like to write in lower care so ppl (people) don’t get confused and think I’m angry, but sometimes I will tell someone special ILY because obv (obviously), I am one for yelling out of love not anger.

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Chelsea Feil, Marketing Writer at Wix

Chelsea Feil, Marketing Writer at Wix

Currently “wfh” but living her best life in Tel Aviv. Ways to make her smile: summertime at the beach with a good book and “lols”, brunch, aerial yoga and adventures near and far.

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