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Meet the Writers at


Who We Are

We’re the 100+ members of the Wix Writers Guild from 22 countries around the world, creating text in 19 languages. We are word-obsessed and understand the value and impact they have on our users.

What We Do

The Guild is the professional muscle that fuels all the text creation for We are Writers of every kind: marketing, UX, knowledge base, technical, User of User writing, social media, internal communications and more. In each of these fields, we aim to always write text that is human, clear, concise and inspires people to discover Wix and get the most out of our product.

Why Words Matter

This blog is a place where we share our expertise. The goal? To write articles that can help, inspire and motivate professional writers in the online industry. It is a Writer’s blog that tells stories of the successes and many, many failures we’ve had. We encourage anyone reading to contribute, ask about and challenge everything you read here.

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