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The Wix Writers' Guild Year by the Numbers (from 1 to 20,541,888)

Wix Content Writers Year in Review

2018 was a year to remember for all of the writers here at Wix, and not only because we launched our Words Matter blog. With 2019 sneaking up on us — yep, it’s that time again — we’re taking a look back at our year in numbers.

From brainstorms to blog posts, tears to tequila, here are some of our favorite and most memorable moments from 2018.

Wix Content Writers Year in Review

1 Super Bowl commercial script (put together in 4 days, with a team of 27)

2 new localized languages (中文 and ไทย)

babies born to writers at Wix

16 dogs peed under our desks (which meant double that in swear words)

17 Lunch & Learns where all 84 Wix writers came together to collaborate on 15 projects, host 10 speakers and eat 1,785 sushi rolls

20 landing pages, which supported over 100 campaigns

21 languages

25 marketing campaigns created with 5 different marketing teams

28 new writers from 9 different countries

40 new Wix products with 69 new features

53 Words Matter blog posts

84 guild writers (and growing!)

174 guests at our first Words Matter writers’ workshop

362 idiom checks

411 vodka shots (because everyone has those days, right?)

420 tequila shots (because we have a lot of those days)

504 life-changing books read

546 edits made every day across the guild to UX copy, marketing content, knowledge base articles and more

557 tears when we had to edit that landing page one more time...

577 times we quoted ourselves and pretended it was someone else

582 briefs given to us from 79 different teams and products

599 bottles of wine

601 times we started from scratch (What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…)

728 interviews looking for the best new writers to join our team

1,000 times we were asked to ‘make it shorter’ (We love you designers!)

1,290 synonym checks on

3,245 covert spell checks

6,045 brainstorms

7,024 hours spent in transit to Wix offices around the world

8,640 double espressos

15,991 views on our most popular post (Read it here!)

88,237 people read the Words Matter blog

50,001 laughs

60,685 big sighs

20,541,888 words written

Looking to create a blog? Wix has got your covered with thousands of design features, built-in SEO and marketing tools, that will allow you to scale your content, your brand and your business.

Abi Yitshaki, UX Writer at Wix

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