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Virtual Event: The UX Salon WORDS 2020 Conference

Virtual Event: The UX Salon WORDS 2020 Conference

Writing quality product copy has always been a challenge for companies. This struggle has only been reinforced with the massive transition online over the past few months, combined with the growing number of devices and systems to serve. Today, UX copy is too critical to be trifled with.

The UX Salon WORDS 2020 conference invites you to listen to some of the greatest writers in the tech industry, discover the UX challenges they face on a daily basis, and the unique solutions they imagined in order to solve them. Because it’s 2020, this three-day event (June 22-24) will take place entirely online.

We’re proud to see some of Wix’s finest writers taking the virtual stage, including Nora Ginio, co-host of the conference, as well as:

Abi Yitshaki, who will talk about “UX Writing for the Mobile Interface.” Mobile has dramatically changed the way in which we consume content. How is the text written for mobile products impacted? Abi will discuss the mobile space, its relationship with the desktop product, and how UX patterns and components can be best utilized. She’ll also share the mobile text methodologies Wix writers use in order to create content that makes an impact.

Derek Kedziora, who will discuss “Writing for Product Wireframes: UX Text from Inception.” Every writer in tech has heard “Here’s the final design, just add some copy.” That’s a surefire way to get bad text and a questionable product. Writing production-ready text at the wireframe stage is the antidote. In his talk, Derek will show how creating real text from day one - rather than filler content - actually leads to better products, and helps the design, product and text work as a single team.

Derek Kedziora Wix UX Writer

To see the full agenda and register, visit the conference website:

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