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20 Things Writers Hate to Hear

What Writers Hate to Hear

Hey writers, this one’s for you!

Whether you spend your 9-5 behind an office desk, posted with your laptop next to the only electric outlet at a trendy cafe, or freelancing from some tropical isle in the South Pacific (jealous!), chances are you’ve heard these comments more than once. Join us as we recount the ways we hath been tasked with the near-impossible in the Kingdom of Content.

  1. This will only take you a minute.

  2. Don’t worry, people don’t read.

  3. Can you make it shorter?

  4. Please use these (extremely awkward) keywords in the text, 3 times each.

  5. You have a typo.

  6. Just add some words.

  7. I don't have time to do a brief, but...

  8. I only need you to edit this.

  9. It’s your job to make this good.

  10. What do you mean?

  11. We can’t say that.

  12. This is how we always write it.

  13. Is it ready yet?... (20 minutes later) Done?... (10 minutes later) You got it?… (3 minutes later) How about now?

  14. Content should come at the end.

  15. Now that we see the design, we need to rethink everything.

  16. We’re releasing a really complicated product. I need you to explain how to use it in five words or less. Make it sound easy. And catchy. Got it?

  17. Remember that project we put on hold? Well it’s back on. We need content by EOD.

  18. Legal says we need to add…

  19. I liked it better before.

  20. It’s not approved.

There you have it - 20 things writers hate to hear. Share the list with your fellow scribes, or add your own pet peeves in the comments below.

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By Mel Maehara

Marketing Writer

By Abi Yitshaki

UX Writer

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