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Welcome to Words Matter: The Blog for Professional Content Writers

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This blog is a place where we share our expertise as Wix writers. We tell the stories of our successes and the many, many failures we’ve had. The goal? To write articles that can help, inspire and motivate others who write online.

We want to put great writing at the forefront and showcase the amazing text we’ve seen others create, what we’ve learned from our own experience and how we hope to achieve world domination through words. (We can dream, can’t we?)

There are so many different types of talented content writers in the online world: UX, Marketing, Knowledge Base and more. And we all exist and work hard in our professions to add the human voice to every online interaction.

We Believe That Words Matter

Writing helps shape and form a product into existence and is essential in marketing. Content and language that are clear, concise and human can be the bedrock of a great user experience. But it’s more than that. Writing leads to action. Writing catalyzes change. If you wonder if your words make a difference, come here. We’ll remind you why they do.

If you believe that, the way that we do, we encourage you to contribute, ask about and challenge everything you read here so that we can make this blog even better.

Looking to create a blog? Wix has got your covered with thousands of design features, built-in SEO and marketing tools, that will allow you to scale your content, your brand and your business.

By The Wix Writers Guild Wix

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