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Help Your Business Stand Out: A Guide to Using Unique Wix Templates with Velo

Tue Mar 08 2022



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Building an online presence can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be. Website templates are a polarizing topic for web developers....

Building an online presence can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be.

Website templates are a polarizing topic for web developers. While they offer great solutions for specific problems, they tend to carry a reputation of being inflexible. This reputation comes from the earlier days of the internet when developers had a limited ability to write custom code on top of popular web templates at the time. As a result, many developers were faced with the dilemma of choosing a prebuilt solution or building their site from scratch.

In today’s developer first ecosystem, it is recognized that the following factors are the most critical when choosing a web stack:

  • Developer Power

  • Developer Velocity

  • Security, Reliability and Performance

What if there was a solution that combined the power of custom code, the development velocity of templates, and reliability of traditional web infrastructure?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why building with Velo should be your platform of choice.

Build Custom Solutions With Ease

Wix Website Templates offer solutions for many business and service categories. Whether you’re building a hotel booking system, a boutique clothing store, or even a job search portal all of your needs can be covered by one of our preconfigured templates. Unlike traditional web templates, using our pre-built solutions give you full control through features such as an advanced suite of built in SEO tools.

Luckily, if you need more Velo offers a wide set of integrated tools that can help you build almost any functionality you can imagine. For example, you can easily store and process user submitted data using our integrated Data API. This functionality is key in unlocking your ability to create a modern data driven web application.

Code written on Velo is done using Javascript. This means custom integrations with 3rd party services and api’s are available in your arsenal of development tools.

All of these factors work together to create a full stack development environment that is ready to solve any of your business requirements.

Increase Development Velocity with Velo

The power of the tools you use to develop your business is only one factor that will contribute towards your success. Developer Velocity refers to creating an environment that is friction free allowing developers to translate your business needs into code efficiently.

Creating your business on Velo has the benefit of requiring zero setup as our environment can be run entirely within your web browser. This means your developers will save time as they don’t need to worry about setting up their personal environment or a server infrastructure. With Velo, server configurations can remain a thing of the past. Instead, your developers can focus on implementing business logic and creating new ways to give a better experience for your customers.

Since Velo is built on top of Wix, developers gain the benefit of being able to create in a low code environment. This is due to the vast library of tools, widgets and integrations available on our classic Wix editor. Additionally, developers who adopt Velo for the first time will have an enjoyable onboarding experience through our in depth Velo API Reference.

The power of Wix templates with Velo give your developers the ability to increase their productivity and therefore help realize your business goals more efficiently.

Guaranteed Security, Reliability and Performance

In the age of digital transformation, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure your website is secure from the moment you go live. Protecting your customer data is a top priority. A mistake here could cost you money and more importantly your customer trust. This is why it's important to choose the right platform.

Security issues can be introduced through developer written code or 3rd party tools. If you are using a 3rd party tool or integration through the Wix App Market, you can be sure that your customers are safe. The Wix App Market has a rigorous approval process that checks factors including security, performance, and even legal considerations before allowing them to be used by Wix Developers.

Developer introduced security flaws are a harder issue to tackle. These are usually created through improper infrastructure configurations. Luckily, you can have peace of mind as Wix Cloud hosting is fully maintained and monitored for you.

Customer facing front end code can also introduce security vulnerabilities such as exposed API keys, over privileged permissions, or unsanitized user inputs. Luckily through our extensive documentation, there are articles and videos that will help your web developers onboard onto the Velo Platform using the Best Security and Performance practices.

Using Wix Templates with Velo secure your website's security and reliability from the moment you publish your site.




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