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Open Studio

Catch up on all the reveals from our quarterly product update event.


In April’s Open Studio we shared tons of product updates, new creation releases and growth opportunities. We also dropped some exciting plans to invest in your community initiatives.

Get ready to earn more by selling Wix Studio templates

Partners creating on Studio will soon be able to further increase their revenue streams by selling templates within the Marketplace. It’s a great opportunity to earn more, showcase your expertise and collaborate with other experts. Submit yours today to be among the first featured.

Pitch Studio, on Studio

Show clients why Studio’s the right fit for their business. Introducing Wix Studio Pitch, a customizable live site experience that covers all the essentials you need to pitch the platform, from advanced design capabilities and native business solutions to make-or-break topics like SEO and infrastructure.

A mockup of a digital pitch with a header saying: Client’s name meet Wix Studio. Below, a selection of bright and colorful images taken from different websites.


Plug in to Figma

We’ve got big news on bringing your Figma designs to life in Studio. Coming in June, our new plugin will enable you to import entire Figma designs or copy and paste components and sections straight into your workspace to turn them into fully functional businesses. Stay tuned for more.

“Soon, you'll be able to seamlessly integrate the power of Studio to bring your Figma designs to life. It’s going to give you the freedom to work however you want.”

Headshot image of Gali Erez, the Head of Wix Studio.

Gali Erez

Head of Wix Studio Editor

New native solutions to cover more business needs

Wix Donations

Designed for your nonprofit and NGO clients, Wix Donations lets you set up and manage multiple fundraising campaigns on sites and start collecting donations in minutes—all without the complexity and cost of a third-party platform.

Wix Hotels


Wix Hotels by HotelRunner offers an end-to-end way to manage hospitality businesses seamlessly. Accept reservations, receive payments, manage rooms, offer customized packages and connect with leading online channels like, Expedia and Airbnb—all in one place.

Meet Google’s new performance metric

Google’s new Core Web Vitals metric Interaction to Next Paint has landed, and we’ve made sure we’ve got you covered. Working closely with Google, we’ve optimized our code and infrastructure to help your sites' performance levels stay well ahead of the industry average.

Image of a line graph showing stats from Google’s Core Web Vitals Report with two continuous lines—a blue one representing Wix and a green one representing ‘All’. The blue line is marked at 92.7% for March 2024.

Percentage of sites with good INP on mobile (USA)

Upcoming Studio events

Square image of a city skyline seen through the Wix Studio logo.

Join us on tour in a city near you

Studio is back on the road. We have lots of events coming your way, including onboarding sessions and advanced workshops. We kick things off in Atlanta and Chicago in May and NYC in June. Keep an eye on our events page to see when we’re in a city near you.

Don't miss our dev conference in India

DevStudio Con is coming to Bangalore, India in June and this year’s theme is all about staying ahead in the age of hyper-efficiency. Our agenda is packed with expert speakers and hands-on sessions covering web creation, app development, headless solutions and much more.

Just launched: Wix Studio Kickstart program

Introducing Kickstart, our new program giving grants, partnership and support worth over $1M for community initiatives created by you. Whether it’s a workshop, course, podcast or collab, we’ll invest in your biggest ideas and give you the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of Studio users.

A circular image of two smiling women socializing at an event.

Standout Studio sites built by you

You continue to create incredible work that inspires others and shows what’s possible on Studio. Discover our latest collection of eye-catching client sites built by talented creators from the community.

The homepage hero fold of a design studio’s website, which includes a black and white abstract image of a woman.

Made by

KHWD design studio

The homepage hero fold of a design agency’s website, which has a minimalist look with large black text on a white background.

Made by

Scopetheory design agency

The homepage hero fold of a wearables company’s website, which says LUCI in bold white font on a black background, with the letter L in a striking red.

Made by

Luci 121

The homepage hero fold of a web designer’s site, which says ‘Multi-disciplinary designer’ in large brown font on a luminous green background. On the right are three hand-drawn symbols placed within a boxed grid.

Made by

Maya Lynne Adar

The homepage hero fold of a creative studio’s website, which says ‘Les Marteau Creative Studio’ in large white font positioned above the image of part of a person’s face wearing a fur-lined hood, all on a black background.

Made by

LES MARTEAU creative studio

The homepage hero fold of a skincare brand’s website, which features an image of a woman walking barefoot on the sand while the sun sets.

Made by

LUMO design studio

The homepage hero fold of a creative studio’s website, which says ‘We make engaging’ in extra large white font on a dark background.

Made by

Pixlspace studio

That’s not all. Here’s more news we dropped:

AI tools

  • AI product description creator

  • AI Branded App tool (coming soon)

  • AI blog post tool (coming soon)

  • AI Expand - generative fill (coming soon)


  • Max width (coming soon)

  • Section grid updates: flip layout, adjust grid proportions and the exact size of each cell

  • AI Expand - generative fill 

  • Text marquee

  • Premade wireframes for sections 

  • New templates


  • Search function in the Add Panel (coming soon)

  • Product Roadmap - intuitive search experience (coming soon)

  • Known issues page

Business solutions


  • Wix Reviews

  • AI product description creator

  • Product Page customization tools

  • Checkout quantity limitations

  • Global-e partnership

Real estate

  • iHomefinder Real Estate app


  • Express checkout (coming soon)

Online scheduling

  • Resource management system (coming soon)

  • Mixed cart for mobile

  • Automated charges for missed cancellations and no-shows (coming soon)

  • Fees, discounts and tips for POS checkout (coming soon)


  • Reservation deposit payments (coming soon)

Loyalty Program

  • Loyalty points expiration date and automated reminders

Studio Academy

  • Content feed page (coming soon)

  • Dev certification (coming soon)

Now you’ve got even more tools.

Go make your mark.

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