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Deliver secure client websites

Build websites that are secure for your clients and their customers. Give your clients peace of mind with enterprise-grade security, SSL certification and scalable hosting.

Speaker company’s website with custom domain.

Provide the highest level of security

Enterprise-Grade Security

With Wix, all websites are compliant with the highest international security standards and update automatically, so they’re always secure.

SSL Certification

Keep your clients’ information protected with a centralized web platform. All Wix sites are encrypted with HTTPS traffic by default, ensuring safe and secure checkout. 

Build client websites with reliable, scalable web hosting

Advanced Security Monitoring

Our team is dedicated to monitoring all Wix sites 24/7 and making updates automatically, ensuring your client sites are always secure.

Automatic Setup

Once you’ve published your client’s website, hosting is automatically set up with no installation needed.

99.9% Uptime

Enjoy enterprise-grade reliability so your websites are always up and running on our secure and stable networks.

Global CDN Coverage

Sites load faster, everywhere with 4x as many data centers worldwide.

Advanced CSS

Images and videos appear instantly with the fastest Javascript execution time.

Smart Caching and JavaScript

Site layouts display sharper, faster with the latest CSS.

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