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Snapshots of the online store and store analytics for Listnu, a brand that sells high-end headphones and speakers.

Build and grow your client’s eCommerce business

Design a custom storefront that perfectly matches your client’s brand. Then, drive store traffic, manage sales and analyze customer behavior with our all-in-one eCommerce solution.


Offer your clients the complete eCommerce solution to sell online

Design unique shopping experiences

Create a custom storefront and cart

Deliver an end-to-end eCommerce site, complete with beautiful product collections, secure payment options, wishlists, related products and more.

Extend your client’s store functionality

Make your client stores even more robust with code. Use our open dev platform, database integrations and 3rd-party APIs to build custom solutions for your clients.

Get total design freedom

Build tailor-made online stores for your clients. Customize everything from storefront to checkout, including product pages, a Member’s Area and mobile flow.

Product page for the Classic Duffle from Malka, a handbag and luggage brand.
JavaScript that allows store visitors to view the Classic Duffle in different colors.

“Wix allows us to help new merchants make their dream a reality. Compared to other platforms, Wix gives us complete flexibility in design and more time to focus on user experience and creative features. On top of that, we doubled our business in the first 4 months of becoming a Wix Partner.”

Céline Toma | Gallant Avenue

CEO and Web Designer

Photo of Céline Toma, CEO and Web Designer at Gallant Avenue.

Red Collar’s humanistic approach to award-winning web design

How eCommerce brands can prepare for a holiday season like no other

3 agencies recommend small changes that make a big impact

Photo of Red Collar CEO and Creative Director Denis Lomov and text, “Bold Creators: Red Collar”.
A quote: “If 2020 taught us anything, it’s wear a mask and shop online”.
Graphic blocks falling in a domino effect.

Advance your agency’s skill set

Sell on multiple channels

Expand your clients’ reach and set up sales on Facebook, Amazon and eBay. They can manage orders right from their dashboard.

Offer fulfillment and shipping

Make it easy for your clients to sell to customers worldwide with 3rd-party logistics services and leading mail carriers.

Create eCommerce businesses with powerful capabilities

Guarantee secure checkout

Connect to Wix Payments or choose from dozens of 3rd-party providers, including all major credit card companies and PayPal.

Source and dropship products

Expand your clients’ product offering with zero inventory risk using dropshipping platforms, like Modalyst and Spocket.

Create smart automations

Streamline your clients’ workflow and boost store sales by automating their tasks, customer communication and sales pipeline.

Drive store traffic with built-in marketing tools

Facebook Ads by Wix

Set up automated ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. With Wix’s AI algorithm, your clients’ campaigns are continually optimized to maximize performance and target the right customers.

SEO Tools

Build your clients’ brand visibility with advanced SEO tools. Customize the way search engines crawl and display their stores with structured data, heading tags and custom meta tags.

Store Analytics

Strategize your clients’ growth with analytics on customer buying behavior and sales over time. Generate custom reports that display the data your clients need to optimize their business.

Wix Multilingual

Empower your clients to go global and expand their customer base into new markets. Add local subdomains and localize their storefronts, images, videos, SEO and menus in 150+ languages.

Sponsored Facebook ad showing Verni Ceramica’s Elma Vase and Hedda Vase.
Statistics from the Facebook Ads dashboard for Verni Ceramica’s campaign.
Sponsored Facebook ad showing Verni Ceramica’s Elma Vase and Hedda Vase.
Statistics from the Facebook Ads dashboard for Verni Ceramica’s campaign.

Earn eCommerce revenue share

Earn commission as you help your clients manage and grow their businesses on Wix, so you can invest back in your agency.

Streamline your lead generation

Join the Wix Marketplace and get hired by Wix users for one of our most popular services: creating and growing their online stores.

Get paired with an partner success manager

Work with a dedicated partner success manager to help you meet your clients’ needs, optimize your growth strategy and convert leads faster.

Partner with us

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