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Give your clients more than a website. Start selling mobile apps

Create intuitive, powerful apps for your clients

  • Offer more services to attract more clients and upsell to existing ones

  • Decide on pricing and fees with zero limitations

  • Design to match your clients’ look, brand and style without a single line of code

  • Make changes that sync instantly across a fully-integrated site and app

  • Launch your clients’ apps on the biggest app platforms, App Store and Google Play

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Identify the right clients

Apps are beneficial for businesses with consistent online traffic and with a large number of loyal customers. With an app, businesses can build credibility, brand awareness and increase recurring customers with an easier and more convenient way to interact.

eCommerce →

Boost recurring purchases and customers

Fitness →

Help schedule, track and plan fitness journeys


Easy RSVP, higher attendance and data to inform future events


Simplify the experience for customers to make bookings


Easy ordering, reservations and menu changes

Online Community

Increase engagement with quick, accessible posts on the go

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Pitch it right

Your clients see real results faster with a mobile app.


Of eCommerce sales come from mobile


More exposure to products or services


Increase in total sales


More CTR from app notifications over email

Download and share a resource for clients who want more information about launching an app.

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Price it your way

Avoid heavy app development costs and create a greater profit margin with the no-code app builder. Create your own or choose one of the following pricing models:

One-time fee

Bill customers for the product cost, plus your fee, all on one invoice. You can choose to invoice clients hourly or by the project.

Design and maintenance fees

Charge your clients a one-time design and development fee and then bill separately for ongoing updates and changes.

Monthly or annual fee

Invoice your clients all at once with your fees and the product cost. In this method, your client will pay you directly and you’ll cover all payments to Wix.

* Plan does not include registration fee for Apple’s App Store (from $99 a year) and Google Play ($25 one time fee), or any additional fee that Google or Apple may charge. These fees are subject to change.
** The publication of your client’s app is subject to the approval and requirements of Apple and Google.

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“The Branded App has proven to be one of the most effective conduits for our clients to connect more directly with their customers while also building a stronger sense of community amongst their members.”

Francisco Falò | Owner and Marketing Strategist at FX Agency

Branded App FAQs

  • What is the process of creating a mobile app with Wix?
    Start by adding your client’s app name and logo. Then fully customize the design with the look and feel your client wants, without using a single line of code. When the app is ready to go live in stores, use our automatic app store submission tool to publish* the app on Google Play and the App Store. *Subject to the approval and requirements of Apple and Google.
  • Can I preview my client’s app on Android and Apple before sending it?
    Yes, you’ll be able to scan a QR code in the Branded App dashboard to download a preview of the app on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Can I launch more than one mobile app to the same developer account?
    You can use the same developer account to launch apps that belong to you or your business only. It’s prohibited to submit apps owned by a different business, individual or client with the same account. If you want to submit an app on behalf of your client, you’ll need to do it under an account that belongs to them.
  • Does the app automatically update when I make changes to my client’s site?
    Your client’s app and site are synced to the same dashboard. Therefore, any changes or edits made on the site dashboard will be reflected in the app, including adding items to an online store, adding booking sessions or editing a blog post. Any content or design changes made directly on your client’s site Editor will not affect the app design.
  • How do I submit an app to the App Store and Google Play?
    Simply create an Apple and Google Developer account using our step-by-step guides and allow the Branded App by Wix team to submit it on your behalf.
  • What’s the difference between Branded App and Spaces by Wix?
    Using Branded App by Wix, you can create a fully customized mobile app without Wix branding. This means only your client’s business name and logo will appear in their app, the App Store and Google Play. The Spaces by Wix app is more of a marketplace – it provides a mobile experience for your client’s brand and is presented alongside other businesses.
  • Do I need a website to build an app?
    While a website is required to create the initial app, it can be without content and unpublished, existing for technical purposes only.
  • Is it possible to use different features on the app than on the website?
    Yes. For example, you can add podcast features for your mobile members to encourage them to download your app. You can customize specific features to show only on iOS or Android devices.
  • Can I build a Branded App on both desktop and mobile?
    Right now building your clients’ app happens from both desktop and mobile. On desktop, you can customize branding, theme colors, app icon and name. The user interface, features, and business solutions are built on mobile. We’re currently developing a desktop editor which will allow you to develop your clients’ apps entirely from desktop.

Start selling mobile apps to clients.

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