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Join the Wix Marketplace
and grow your client base

Get hired to design, develop and market Wix users’ websites.

featured projects in the Wix Marketplace

Showcase your best work 

Feature up to 20 Premium Wix and Wix Studio websites on your profile to show your expertise. Once you’ve completed projects, you can add your client reviews to build credibility.

*Earn 2000 points in the Partner Program to apply.

Set your services and rates 

Get the most relevant leads for your agency in the Marketplace. Set your starting rates and add your service offerings for web design, SEO, business solutions and more.

*Earn 2000 points in the Partner Program to apply.

Services and rates in the Wix Marketplace
Profile pictures of agency and freelance professionals.

Get matched with qualified leads

Start generating more leads for your business. Decide the location and language you want to work in and we’ll match you with Wix users looking to hire your services. As you receive leads, you can choose which projects you want to work on.

*Earn 2000 points in the Partner Program to apply.

How to join the Wix Marketplace 


Sign up or switch to Wix Studio and apply to join via the workspace.


Reach Icon level* and apply to join the Marketplace. 


Once you’ve been accepted, start getting matched with Wix users ready to hire you.

*Earn 2000 points in the Partner Program​ to apply.

How to succeed in the Wix Marketplace

Be available 

Your profile is automatically set as available. If you have other priorities keeping you busy, you can set your status as unavailable for up to 90 days at a time.

Respond to requests 

Create the best client experience. Be sure to accept or decline project leads within 3 business days. If it’s not a good fit, reject the request before it expires.

Submit completed projects

As you finish client projects, submit them in your Wix Studio Workspace. The more projects you submit, the more requests you’ll receive.

*Earn 2000 points in the Partner Program to apply.

“Our agency has grown in direct relation to the Wix Marketplace. We receive new daily project requests from clients all over the world in every type of business imaginable.”  

Partner with us  

Earn points for every client website you create and unlock exclusive benefits to scale your business.

Accelerate your web development

Design and develop custom sites right on the web page. Integrate the business solutions your clients need and add advanced functionality without touching a line of code.

Collaborate with your team

Work in perfect harmony with Wix and Wix Studio. Bring your entire team onboard, assign custom roles and permissions and manage all your projects in one place.

Scale your agency or freelance business

Get a team dedicated to your success. We’ll be here every step of the way to help you generate leads, take on any project and strategize your next big move.

Wix Partners custom roles and permissions
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Discover our Partner Resources 

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Wix Marketplace Profile Guide

How to generate leads in Wix Marketplace

Generate qualified leads in the Wix Marketplace

*Earn 2000 points in the Partner Program to apply.

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