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Expand Your Web Design Creativity With Hassle-Free Coding

Web design code

There is a reason why Corvid by Wix’s motto is ‘Power to do more with less hassle.’ Actually, there are a few. In the videos below, you can hear for yourself, straight from two expert Wix users, why this coding solution has dramatically changed their website-building experiences for the better. In this article, we’ll elaborate on the factors they mentioned, from the enhanced technical design capabilities to the professional doors Corvid can open. In short, this collection of advanced developer tools overlays the stunning visual features already available through the Wix Editor. The result? The new industry must-have for web designers and developers, like you, who are looking to create complex, robust websites for clients.

Imagine going from spending 55-65 hours on a web design project with a team of four people, to 16 hours as a team of just yourself. That’s the kind of drastic transformation Wix user and startup consultant Tanuj Apte describes happening in the video below after he started taking advantage of Corvid. And in the second video, user and web developer Ben St. John shares that a project he expected to take a full week suddenly became a one-day task with Corvid. The professional edge here is tremendous. Between providing you with the tools to complete projects faster and reducing the number of additional consultants you need to hire, Corvid allows you to say an enthusiastic ‘yes!’ to any project that comes your way.

What are the elements of Corvid that make this remarkable workflow revolution possible?

  • Manage your content all in one place. Leave behind the need to manage your work across multiple locations during your creation process. With Corvid, everything is consolidated in one spot for your convenience: hosting, security, and maintenance.

  • Build with speed. With features like dynamic pages and repeating layouts, you can connect your design to the built-in database and instantly fill in hundreds of pages or listings, respectively. You can even incorporate user-generated content like forms and quizzes onto your pages, with all data instantly stored in the database and available to be organized into a directory for use elsewhere on the site.

  • Customize your site. Take charge of your website by using the built-in Backend and Frontend IDEs (integrated development environments, which can be accessed through the code panel) to add the exact functionality you need. The range of what’s possible here is endless. You can connect external APIs (application program interfaces) to your site (think: Vimeo, Google Maps, Facebook, and more), implement advanced animations on page elements by adding JavaScript code, and even create HTTP functions to use your site as an API for external services. Together, these pathways give you the flexibility to control your content and your users exactly as you imagine.

What these features all have in common (besides allowing you to create websites that set a standard for excellence in design and functionality), is that anything you make on Corvid is SEO compatible. That’s just one more way this platform saves you time. And, of course, if you have questions along the way, or simply want to get inspired by the work of other professionals, you can always turn to the Corvid Forum. This active online community is composed of other Corvid users like yourself, plus the very people who developed the product. Who better than these experts to answer your technical questions?

With the release of Corvid, your ability to expand the functionality and intricacy of your websites just got placed within in fingertips’ reach. All you need to do to get started is go into the Wix Editor, navigate to ‘Code’ from the header menu, and then select ‘Turn on Developer Tools.’ From there, you can begin enjoying all of the user-friendly sophisticated design features, and the joys of a consolidated content management system. Leverage these together, and you’ll be publishing websites in no time that keep you clients saying ‘wow.’

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