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6 Maintenance-Free Website Features for Your Clients

Maintenance-Free Website Features

As a professional web designer, one of the biggest challenges you probably face is transitioning the responsibility for the website's content over to the client. When it comes to passing on the torch, there is no magic recipe. Each client has different expectations for their new website and your continued work - especially those who are not very tech-savvy. So it is important to have that in mind when designing, in order to avoid unintended disappointment.

For example, you wouldn’t want to see your clients’ websites quickly running out of date because they did not plan or cannot afford to generate fresh content constantly. Although each type of client requires a different approach when it comes to defining where your role ends and theirs begins, there are several Wix features that can help you both overcome the separation anxiety.

All of them require very little recurring attention, and can be integrated into the routine of any small business owner. You should mention these features from the beginning and see if the client is on board with adding them to their websites, so that their implementation is as smooth as possible. Keep reading to take a look into six must-have Wix website features that require zero maintenance.

01. Automated Emails

Automated Emails is a little gem hidden inside your Dashboard, using the power of Wix ShoutOut to save you (and your client) a lot of time. This helpful tool generates an automated response each time a user performs a specific action on their site, such as following up a purchase with a ‘Thank You’ message or greeting newsletters’ subscribers with a welcome email. All you have to do is define the appropriate triggers and their respective actions, a step which you will probably want to do together with your client. We suggest coming up with a list of the most helpful ones, and then preparing the corresponding content for each scenario.

Follow these steps to set up your first Automated Emails.

Wix ShoutOut automated emails

02. Wix Bookings

Not by mistake, Wix Bookings is one of our most popular features. It's a real lifesaver and a ‘must’ for any client who offers appointments - from the Spanish tutor to the yoga studio. This app essentially does the work of a full-time assistant, enabling your clients’ site visitors to browse and book all of the available services - whether a private class or a group session - 24/7. From the visitors’ perspective, they can enjoy the ease of online payments and the reassurance of an automated confirmation email. And on your clients’ end, they will appreciate the app’s synchronization with Google Calendar (meaning no accidental double bookings!) and its storage of customer information like contact details, appointment history, and birthdays (meaning not having to dig through old emails or scattered files with every booking). The best part of it all? Wix Bookings is commission free - the app is here to optimize both your clients’ time and their wallet.

Get Wix Bookings for your clients’ websites.

03. Wix Invoices

Wix Invoices will not only save your clients some time, but also actually bring them money. It is a payment request system which enables business owners to create, send, track and manage invoices, as well as to receive payments online. Invoices are sent with a payment link, so the client can pay through their preferred method. You can offer PayPal, credit card or any other option you choose among the payment gateways available. No need to share bank account information anymore, and much more convenient than carrying money or checks around!

Follow these steps to set up Wix Invoices for your clients.

04. Social media feed apps

While some business owners actually need a static website, others would love to be able to update it more constantly. If your client falls into the latter category, and is already active on their social profile, adding these feeds to their website is the best way to give it a fresh look with literally zero extra effort. A more talkative client will probably enjoy the addition of their Facebook feed or even their Twitter feed to the website. On the other hand, visual professionals (like photographers, interior designers, restaurants, etc.) will get more out of the Instagram feed apps. For the real social media animals, active and engaging on more than one platform, the Social Media Stream is the mother of all apps. It allows the coexistence of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest under the same roof: a stunning Wix website.

Explore these social media apps and how they can enhance your clients’ sites: Facebook Feed, Twitter Feed, Instagram Feed, and the Social Media Stream.

Instagram feed on website

05. Wix Social Posts

Ok, let's take one step back. In the previous paragraph, we talked about the client who has active social profiles, but no time to maintain their website. Now think about the client who is not there yet: they would love to be active on one or more social networks - and have these posts featured on their website - but are not yet sure how to achieve that. Meet Wix Social Posts, your new in-house social media artist. Leave all of the thematic and conceptual decisions to the app. It will propose pre-designed social posts designated for different occasions (such as sales and holidays), so all your client needs to do is insert their own branding and messaging before clicking ‘publish.’ The end product? Professional quality content appearing across their various social media platforms.

06. Wix Mobile App

Now let's take one step forward. Your client understands that in this day and age, ignoring a website is the same (or even worse!) as not picking up the phone: really bad for business. Even so, who has the time to sit in front of a computer all day monitoring visitor activity?. Here enters the Wix Mobile App. Inside the app, you'll find updates about actions performed on your site, such as: a contact form submission, a hotel reservation, a store purchase, and a visit to your site. Managing your account from your smartphone on the go is the same as using the desktop version of the Wix Dashboard, since any changes made in the Wix Mobile app are automatically updated in your Wix account, and any changes made in your Wix account are automatically updated in the app.

Download the Wix Mobile App for Apple or for Android.

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