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20 Reliable Sites to Download Web Fonts for Free

Words are clearly an important component of website content. And although all web designers might not always consider written language their “thing,” the look of each font is an art form well worth their time. Whatever the business and type of website you’re building are, you need to choose a typeface that will fit each brand’s style the best.

In order to have the best typography for each project, you should have access to high-quality, relevant and suitable fonts. Odds are in your favor, as the Internet already offers a huge amount of fonts sites, with countless options to choose from. Just make sure that you check the usage rights ahead of time, as many fonts tend to come with commercial licenses - and you don’t want to run into any surprises later on in the project. Aside from this, the only issue you might be stuck on is wondering how to possibly narrow down the choices. To make things easier, we have gathered the 20 best sites where you can find and download professional fonts for free.

Before you start hunting around for the next font to add to the site you’re working on, first save some time by heading straight to the Wix Editor and taking in the tons of original fonts you can find there for free. However, if you happen to have your own typography or have fallen in love with one that you have downloaded from elsewhere, you can always upload it to the Editor with just a few clicks. The font does not have to already be a web font as we can convert it to one anyway. Just make sure that it is uploaded in TTF, OTF, WOFF2 or WOFF format.

With more than 30,000 fonts available, this is one of the most popular platforms for downloading free typefaces. Thanks to its search bar, designers can easily browse the catalogue by keywords or themes. Also, since the site is translated into five languages, non-English speakers will be able to enjoy searching in their own language, too.

This is another good place to dive into fonts, no matter the type of design you are working on. You can search by keyword or category here. Then, once you find “the one,” you can download it for free or share it on your social networks.

This popular platform offers both premium fonts and free fonts. Regardless of your preferences, it’s possible to find a perfect type for any kind of design. Like many other sites, it also contains a search bar that enables you to browse by keyword or subject (Asian, Celtic, Western, Modern, etc.). Yet, the best part is that you can create an account to save your favorite fonts.

Google Fonts is in the realm of free fonts to download for your online projects as it offers more than 800 families of web fonts to choose from. Not surprisingly for a Google product, the search tool is marvelously powerful and intuitive, enabling you to find a font based on their category (Serif, Sans Serif, Handwriting, etc.), language, number of styles, thickness, slant and width! Among interesting and useful features, you can test and apply each font directly on your website just by setting some parameters, such as size and style.

GIF screenshot of selecting Google Fonts for Wix website template

The main characteristic of this platform is that all of the fonts have 100% free usage rights. It is also perfect for those designers working on multilingual projects, since it offers web fonts in no less than 186 languages. Unlike Google Fonts, you must download each font first if you want to use it on your website.

This community of like-minded designers is a pioneer site for the creation and generation of open source fonts, a great project that seeks to be revolutionary in the world of typography. Since 2009, they offer some of the most beautiful and best designed typographies of the network - and they’re all completely free. They also have free ebooks available that explain the chaos surrounding typography licensing, so that you know what, where and how you can use each font.

This website is actually a designers collective that creates and shares their own fonts. At the moment, they have only a select number of fonts, but the act of creating a costless, art-sharing community is certainly worth checking out.

This is a Collaborative Digital Type Foundry that works on a "pay what you want" model. All the fonts have been created by its founders or collaborators and are available for you to download, even if you decide to pay $0. However, if you use this site a lot, it would be nice on your side, as a designer, to leave a couple of coins for the other designers’ hard work. ;)

Fontfabric is an independent type foundry launched in 2008 to create high-quality fonts that serve as a good base for any design project, whether it be web, print, t-shirt design, logo design, or something else. You can download all the fonts for free except “Baron” and “Muller Narrow.” Likewise, the fonts can be used for both personal and commercial projects.

This complete platform provides designers with more than 50,000 fonts, along with notes on whether or not they include accents and the euro symbol. Plus, it is by far the site with the largest collection of different alphabet fonts (Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Tibetan, etc.).

The coolest thing about this website is that it includes a vectorization converter tool, which in simple terms means that you can convert your handwriting into fonts! Although this is still in beta mode, there are already over 40,000 fonts available on the website for you to choose from.

This websites gives users access to different types of fonts ranging from standard to scripts, special fonts, and logos - all of which will both reinforce and give personality to any brand. For registered users, perks include free font selections and a new option available every week!

With a slogan as strong as theirs - “Build, Share, Download Fonts” - this tool is one-of-a-kind. Here, designers can make their own fonts with geometric shapes. The site also contains a gallery of more than 43,000 free fonts available for download, too.

This is not strictly speaking a platform for fonts, but rather a social network for designers to show and share their portfolios. However, a quick search on the platform will lead to an endless list of fonts that are available to download for free. The best part about finding fonts on Behance is that, with no doubt, they will be unique and you will rarely run into the same ones in any another place.

This is the site to visit if you’re looking for high-quality, free typefaces. Furthermore, the website also features a very modern categorized system for easy browsing. You will find tons of different themed fonts available using its visualization system.

Created by a community of more than 2,000 designers, this platforms hosts more than 35,000 fonts for free download. Here you can search for fonts based on categories or by browsing the most popular and recent ones. And, if you feel lucky, you can also choose the "random" section. Begin by registering for free and creating your own collection of your favorite free fonts. On each font´s tab, you can try it out in preview mode with various sizes and colors, as well as check the license before downloading it.

This is one of the biggest free font collections on the web – with over 13,000 fonts available at no cost, (and over 91,000 commercial fonts). Thanks to its large archive, it is easier than ever for designers to find high quality, attractive fonts in just a few clicks.

Adobe´s online typography platform was designed for graphic designers and web designers to enable them to work with different ranges of fonts from the same interface.This online service offers more than 4,000 beautiful fonts - some available for free, while others might cost a small amount of money.

screenshot of Adobe Fonts Typekit

Since it was launched in 2008, the Free Fonts Project has helped to make typography more popular and available for a broader range of users worldwide. Created by a large group of designers collaborating together, this project offers more than 50 free fonts and families for you to choose from. ”ON your heart,” a charity initiative, was born as part of the project, which encourages all free users to donate a small amount of money to orphanages and funds instead of paying for a font.

More ways to get free fonts

Although it sounds “too good to be true,” you can also get premium fonts for free. Marketplaces such as Creative Market or Envato Market have a monthly “free goodies giveaway” for their registered users. You just need to sign up for free on their website or subscribe to their newsletter and you will be able to enjoy one of those freebies every month.

Last but not least, we don’t want to finish this list without mentioning Prototypo, a free web application for tweaking and adjusting parametric fonts. Although you will need a subscription to take full advantage of parametric fonts, the free version still allows you to use subsetted fonts that contain lowercase and uppercase glyphs (no diacritics or figures). Sounds interesting, don’t you think?

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