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Power to the product

Extend the platform through custom integrations and a robust library of APIs that let you quickly connect all the tools essential to your business.

Motorcycle dealer website layered on a black grid. The grid squares show logos of software that can be integrated into the site.
Motorcycle dealer website layered on a black grid. The grid squares show logos of software that can be integrated into the site.

All your tools on one platform

Bring in existing tools and systems used by some of the biggest brands, or develop custom solutions that scale to match your needs.

Connect software tools and systems your business relies on, like CRM and ERP

Integrate proprietary apps you’ve developed for specific functionality

Work with the Wix Enterprise team to create custom solutions

Add native Wix Apps for commerce, bookings, events, and payments

Innovate from front to back

Engineer new apps—from a simple widget layout to fully-interactive, coded web components—and turn them into reusable content blocks your marketers, designers, or site managers can drag and drop into any page for custom functionality without the dev time.

Innovate from front to back

eCommerce site showing different products using widget layout.

Entering a no workaround zone

Zero hacks here. Use APIs to create sustainable solutions that let you extend the functionality of your sites, design custom experiences, and build backend efficiency. 

Site elements

Achieve greater control over your site elements with customized styling, animation effects, real-time events for visitor interactions, and more.


Perform specific operations on your site’s data and data collections, including custom filtering, querying and editing, and adding hooks to run code based on interactions.

Members & Contacts

Enhance your ability to personalize content by identifying members who come to your site and sending triggered emails that align to their customer journey.

Site Functionality

Get all the tools you need, including generating a full site map, directing browsers to specific URLs, and the ability to search sites for specific elements.

Wix Apps

Use Velo APIs to customize WixApps, including Stores, Bookings, Events, and Pay, to add even more functionality to your site—or combine APIs to create unique experiences.

External Services

Extend functionality with services that fetch resources, integrate with external databases, work with 3rd party site monitoring, store private API keys, and more.

A smiling Customer Success Manager is standing next to a laptop. His chat conversation with a customer is displayed as an overlay.

Talk to people, not prompts.

We’re only a call away. Reach out any time to your dedicated Customer Success Manager for help maximizing your potential on Wix Enterprise, get assistance from our development teams for seamless site migration, and if you need technical support, you’ll be put at the top of the queue any time of day or night.

Integrate with ease. Innovate with vision.
Schedule a call to learn more.

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