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Cloud Communications


​​What are cloud communications?

Cloud communications refer to the delivery of communication services, such as voice, messaging, and video, through the internet or a cloud-based network. This technology allows businesses to access and manage communication tools from anywhere with an internet connection, without needing to invest in expensive hardware or software through cloud services.

Cloud communications are an integral part of website creation because it enables website owners to host their website and manage it using cloud-based tools and services.

The concept of cloud communications originated from the idea of cloud computing. The term was coined in the early 2000s when companies started offering cloud-based services to businesses. Over time they've evolved to include various tools and services that enable businesses to communicate with customers through different channels.

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What do cloud communications look like?

Benefits of cloud communications

01. Cost-effective solutions for businesses who don't then need to maintain their own on-site servers or hardware.

02. Scalable infrastructure, cloud services can be expanded to meet demand, and often consist of multiple online sites.

03. Faster deployment, for example, cloud hosting services can respond faster to extreme traffic fluctuations to eCommerce websites during flash sales or special shopping events.

04. Better customer experience, as cloud communication services can be more secure and reliable.

05. Simplified management, usually through a third party or partner.


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Cloud communication use cases

Cloud communications can been used effectively in various scenarios, including:

A company using cloud-based customer service tools to handle customer inquiries via multiple channels.

A business using cloud-based collaboration tools to improve team communication and productivity - think

A website owner using cloud-based hosting services to improve website performance and scalability. Wix, for example, is a website builder utilizing cloud hosting to deliver high levels of reliability for website creators.

4 best practices for getting started with cloud communications

01. Choose a reliable cloud communications provider, like Amazon AWS.

02. Integrate cloud communications with existing systems to avoid to many disruptions to current workflows.

03. Train employees on how to use cloud communication tools.

04. Monitor and analyze communication data to improve performance.

Cloud communications FAQ

Are cloud communications secure?

Cloud communication can be secure, but it requires proper configuration and security measures. Cloud providers invest heavily in security but users must also implement encryption, access controls and other security practices to protect their data. When you make a website ewith Wix, enterprise-grade security for your site comes as standard.

How does VoIP work in cloud communications?

Can I integrate cloud communications with other business applications?

Do cloud communications demand special equipment?

Can small businesses benefit from cloud communications?


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