Highest-Rated Products


Showcase your highest-rated products in their own gallery.

Play with the example below to see what you can do:

Open this example as a template so you can see how everything works in the Editor. 

What We Built

In this example, the Home page showcases the four highest-rated products in the store.​

How We Built It

The Collection We Added: productRating

The productRating collection has the following fields:

  • Product Id: The ID of the product, imported from the Products collection

  • Rating: The average rating of the product

Displaying the Highest-Rated Products

The Home page contains a repeater that displays the highest-rated products. When the page loads, we query the productRating collection for the four products with the highest rating. Using the Product Id field, we then query the Products collection for those products and display their details in the repeater. When a visitor hovers over one of the products, an Add to Cart button is displayed so the visitor can add that item directly to their cart.

Next Steps

  1. Open this example in the Editor to work with the template.

  2. Publish the site and refresh your browser so the Stores collections appear in the Database.

  3. Learn how to work with examples in Corvid.

Example Code


Example Demonstrates

Wix Stores Products Collection

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Connecting a Repeater

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