Custom Post Page


Create your own custom blog post page.

Play with the example below to see what you can do:

Open this example as a template so you can see how everything works in the Editor. 

What We Built

In this example we customise the default post page by adding elements and extra data.

How We Built It


For this example we used the database collections automatically added to your site if you have a blog and an additional one of our own:

  • Blog/Posts collection: Contains information about your individual blog posts

  • Blog/Categories collection: Contains information about your blog categories

  • Post Extra Data collection: Contains additional information about your blog posts with references to the original post item in the Blog/Posts collection.

Page Elements

In our site we added the following page elements:

  • Strip: Custom header strip for the post page:

    • Text: Author name 

    • Text: Photographer name 

    • Text: Post title 


We added the following code to the Post page:

  • When the Post page loads:

    • Get the current post data using the getPost() function.

    • Retrieve the extra post data using the ID of the current post.

    • Merge the post data with the extra post data using the object.assign() method.

    • Populate the merged data  in the relevant page elements.

Example Code


Example Demonstrates

Database Collections

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