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Top apps for restaurant websites

Our world may be gradually turning more digital, but thankfully, restaurants are still physical locations you walk into in real life. Nonetheless, by adding features to your restaurant’s website, the virtual world can literally become an extension of your business. Site visitors can find out everything they need online and even perform some actions like reserve a table or order take away.  This helps to make your business more efficient and more profitable. Moreover, some options that can enhance your activity are possible only in the virtual world, such as a display of customer recommendations and reviews.

When you build a Wix site for your restaurant, you can add many different apps to will boost your business. Check out these options by on the Wix App Market. To get the app on your Wix website, type in its name in the Market and then click “Add App”.

Restaurant Menu

One of THE main things visitors look for in a restaurant website is a menu. It’s important that the menu is attractive, intuitive and easily accessible. The Restaurant Menu App lets you create and add a beautiful menu to your Wix site. You can choose from several different menu layouts and start editing. Add dishes, prices and images to make your website menu make a great impression on potential customers who are considering your place. You can also add mouthwatering images to each dish. Customize the menu to go with your design and branding!

Wix Apps for Restaurant Websites


Don’t wait for your site visitors to pick up the phone and call you, let them make a reservation right on the site. OpenTable is an awesome restaurant reservation tool that allows your customers to make online, real-time, 24/7 reservations from your website. Used by more than 26,000 restaurants, OpenTable is a great service that guarantees that site visitors convert into restaurant guests. After you get the app from the Wix Market, you’ll be prompted to place your OpenTable ID. If you don’t have an account, click to create one on the spot. Once you finish setting up, diners will be able to book easily and conveniently on your site.

Wix Apps for Restaurant Websites

Reduce phone call overload by enabling customers to order-in through your website. The OnlineOrdering app enables you to do so in a fast, worry free-manner. The service is supported in the US, Canada, Australia, UK and Ireland. Once you get it from the App Market, it will add a page to your website, specially designated for your online orders. After setup is complete, you can self-manage your menu, incoming orders and coupons, as well as delivery and pickup terms.

Wix Apps for Restaurant Websites is another terrific option that for enabling online orders from your customers (available in the US only). Once you add the app to your site, it will open a new page which you’ll be able to access from your Pages tab. Then you’ll be asked to upload your menu in a PDF or Word file, and create your account. will then turn your menu into the digital online version, and you’ll be ready to launch the service within 24 hours. Show your guests that you’re ready to serve them all the way to their doorstep!

Wix Apps for Restaurant Websites

Google Calendar

If you are hosting special events in your restaurant or bar, such as an open mic night or other occasion, you definitely need to make sure your customers know all about it. Add a Google Event Manager and enable site visitors to see the schedule for the coming month (or year:). This way, when they reserve a table, they are sure to find out about the events they don’t want to miss. Google Calendar is a great app for this feature since it connects to your Google account, making it easy to manage. After you add it to your site you can manage the look and feel to suit your site’s appearance.

Wix Apps for Restaurant Websites


Show off your restaurant’s star rating and reviews by adding the Yelp app to your website. The Yelp app will help you increase your local reach and give your site a more engaging appeal. Plus, reviews by other people from a popular, well known website will create an additional source of trust. You can customize the app design to fit seamlessly with your website’s design. After you add Yelp to your Wix site, any customer ratings, reviews and recommendations immediately appear on the page.

Check out Half-Bakedgoods to see it live:

Wix Apps for Restaurant Websites

Instagram Feed

If you have an account on Instagram you already know how great it is for capturing beautiful real life events. And you probably also know that many food lovers like to share photos of delicious dishes. In fact, Instagram is famous for being a place where many people like to upload photos of beautiful dishes. If you haven’t already started, now is the time to start participating in this social event by becoming active on Instagram and sharing photos of your restaurant and your servings. After you set up your account, add an Instagram feed to your website using the app. Delicake Barranquilla‘s Instagram feed is literally making us drool:

Wix Apps for Restaurant Websites

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