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Mastering modern advertising with Wix’s AI for Google Ads

Wix AI for Google Ads

You’re probably no stranger to Google Ads. With Google controlling nearly 82% of the global desktop search market today, Google Ads remains an indispensable type of marketing for every modern business. 

But, creating an effective Google ad campaign is no small feat. There’s a learning curve—and when it comes to advertising on Google, creating ad content that appeals to your audience and Google’s algorithms can be time-intensive and difficult. 

Enter Wix's newest AI tool for Google Ads. Wix now allows you to quickly create compelling and highly targeted Smart campaigns with the help of AI. This innovative tool removes a lot of the guesswork behind creating a successful Google Ads campaign, which you can also manage directly from your Wix Dashboard.

Learn more about the benefits of using AI when advertising on Google, and get step-by-step instructions for how to use Wix’s AI for Google Ads. 

Get started with Wix’s AI for Google Ads—create a website with Wix today. 

What can you do with Wix’s AI tools for Google Ads? 

Create catchy copy 

Writing ad copy that generates a worthwhile cost-per-click is something of an art. Coming up with enticing copy that gets your message across with a limited character count can be hard, especially when you’re running multiple campaigns at once.  

AI acts as your creative brain. In the case of Google Ads with Wix, the AI text creator produces several high-quality options of titles and descriptions for you, adhering to character counts and reflecting the intent of your consumers. 

“Creating effective online ad campaigns can be time-consuming and challenging. You need compelling ad copy that will convince potential customers to click on your ads and take action. Wix has integrated artificial intelligence technology into its platform to help users easily create engaging ad content.” - Ivan Terechin, Wix product manager

Identify the right keyword themes 

When it comes to advertising on Google, identifying the right keywords is crucial and something no one understands better than, well…Google. With Google Ads with Wix, you can easily lean on Google’s expertise. The AI will suggest keyword themes based on your ad settings, landing page and the location of your audience (among other factors). 

Inform your campaign goals 

One of the great benefits of AI is its ability to access and interpret large amounts of data that can inform your marketing strategies and, subsequently, the goal of your Google Ads campaigns. Wix’s suite of AI tools includes a Benchmarks tool, which uses AI to analyze how your website's performance stacks up against other websites in your industry. As an example, if you see that you have a low rate of returning visitors compared to similar sites, then you may want to focus on launching a campaign that retargets old site visitors. 

(Bonus) Clean up your product photos

Certain ad types, like Google Performance Max campaigns (which you can also manage in Wix), rely on having strong visuals. AI can help you quickly produce high-quality visual content, even if you have little-to-no photo editing experience. 

Wix’s AI-powered tools, for example, can help you get more utility out of your existing product photos; the auto-background remover allows you to easily remove or place your products against new backgrounds, so you can create several product images from one photo. The Wix AI image auto-enhancer, on the other hand, can improve your images by polishing the color, contrast and sharpness of your photos with just one click. 

How to use Wix’s AI for Google Ads 

Eager to get started? Follow these steps to create a Google Smart campaign in Wix with the help of AI. 

Note: Before you create a Google Ads campaign, your site needs to be published, supported by a Wix Premium plan and connected to a custom domain. To check if your business is ready to advertise, go to Google Ads in your site's dashboard and complete the setup steps. 

01. Open Google Ads from your Wix account

From your Wix Dashboard, under the “Marketing” menu, select “Google Ads” and click “Start Advertising.” 

Note: If you don’t have Wix Stores installed on your site, you can skip ahead from here to Step 2. 

If you do have Wix Stores installed on your site, and you’ve connected your store to Google merchant solution on Wix, you’ll be given the option to create one of two types of campaigns: 

  • Google Performance Max campaign: A type of ad campaign geared towards promoting products

  • Google Smart campaign: A type of ad campaign geared towards driving traffic to your site

AI ad creation currently only supports Smart campaigns, so you’ll want to select the Google Smart campaign option to get started.

02. Input your ad settings and select keyword themes

Complete the Ad Setting fields, filling in details like:

  • Your landing page

  • The language of your campaign

  • The locations that you’re targeting

  • The time(s) when you want your ads to appear

When you’ve finished this step, you’ll receive auto-generated suggestions from Google concerning keyword themes. 

A keyword theme represents groups of words or phrases that you want your ad to show up for. For instance, selecting the keyword theme "landscaping" makes your ad eligible to show when people search for "landscape design," "yard landscaping" and "residential landscapers."

You can select from the presented options or write in your own keyword themes. A campaign can include up to 10 keyword themes. When you’re finished, hit “next.”’ 

Example of AI-generated keyword themes in Google Ads with Wix

03. Use AI to create content

From the “Ad Content” screen, select “Create AI Content,” and the AI content creator window will pop up. In the text field, describe what your campaign is advertising. 

For the best results, emphasize the values and benefits of the service, product or brand that you’re advertising. For example, let’s say that you own a landscaping company that’s looking to drive more traffic to your site. An example of a strong prompt for AI could be: 

“A service offering personalized landscape designs for residential and commercial gardens in the greater Denver area. We help clients design beautiful outdoor spaces that reflect their taste, personality and aesthetics. First-time clients get 10% off.” 

When you are happy with your prompt, select “Generate.”

04. Select and refine your AI-generated copy

In just seconds, you’ll see several AI-generated suggestions for your headlines and descriptions. If you’d like to tweak the suggestions that you received, select “Fine-tune Suggestions,” and tell the AI what you’d like to change (i.e., “shorter” or “make this sound more professional”). When you’re happy with the result, copy and paste the options into the “Ad content” fields of your screen. 

Example of AI-generated Google Ads text in Wix

05. Set your budget and launch your campaign

Decide how much budget you’d like to spend on your campaign each day. You can choose from preset budget options, which suggest how much money you should set aside each month for optimal results.

The total suggested amounts will appear as “monthly subscription” prices, i.e., how much you’ll be charged by Wix for your ad credits. Packages range from $150 to $1,500 a month. Keep in mind that campaigns with higher budgets are shown more on Google. 

When you’ve set your budget, hit “Launch” and your campaign will go live. 

Budget page for creating an AI-powered Google Ads campaign in Wix

5 tips for running a successful AI-powered Google Ads campaign

Define clear objectives for your ad campaign

Before launching any ad campaign, it’s important to define your goals. Let’s say you’re promoting a new product; you’ll want to be clear about the value of the product you’re promoting, who you’re targeting and the definition of success.  Having well-defined campaign objectives provides direction for the AI when creating content for your ads, and can help you understand whether your campaign is performing as it should. 

Tip: Not sure where to start? Wix Analytics can help you identify opportunities by providing information about your site traffic, best- and worst-performing products, most-visited pages and more. 

Balance AI with human insight

Let’s be clear: there’s no replacement for the human eye. While AI can help you understand the quirks of various ad platforms and quickly create new ad content, it still requires some level of human decision-making and monitoring. 

Be aware of the limitations of your AI tools. AI may not be able to immediately capture the right tone or the nuances of your brand. Make sure to carefully review the options that AI gives you and avoid blindly accepting its suggestions. Combine AI’s creativity with your expertise. 

Test and optimize with AI 

Keep in mind that AI can be helpful at various stages of your campaign. Consider testing multiple ad variations and/or multiple campaigns generated with AI. Then, monitor which ones have a higher click-through-rate to guide any future optimizations. For example, if you notice that ads featuring casual, humorous copy perform better—use AI to create more variations that apply your learnings. Test, optimize and repeat. 

Pay attention to your landing page

Effective online ads will drive traffic to your page, but ultimately, getting visitors to your site is only half the battle. Once potential customers arrive at your site, you must be able to offer a seamless, compelling experience to convert them into customers. 

Make sure your landing page is easy to navigate and offers a simple path to purchase. Tight alignment between your ad copy and landing page is also crucial; avoid sending all of your campaigns to the same generic landing page. In the case of Google Ads, Google may be less likely to display your ad if your landing page is not relevant enough to your ad copy or audience. 

Pro tip: Wix's suite of AI-powered features can help you quickly build landing pages that turn your hard-won ad traffic into conversions. Use Wix’s AI website builder to create landing pages in minutes. Or, use the AI image creator and AI text generator to strengthen pages with content that’s tailored to your various ad audiences. Wix’s AI-powered product recommender can further increase your order average order value by helping you upsell and cross-sell products on your pages. 

Focus on the full customer experience

Think beyond the ad and landing page. Check that potential customers have all the information they need to comfortably make a purchase. 

As an example, include an FAQ page on your site that clearly states your shipping policy, return policy and any other important information. Provide your contact information, and use chatbots thoughtfully on your site to help customers find answers to their questions. 

Remember, great customer service doesn’t stop after the purchase has been made. Use email marketing tools, such as Wix’s AI email builder, to send a post-purchase follow-up asking your customers if they’re happy with their purchase. Think of ways to retain customers once they’ve discovered your brand through your ads. 

Try Wix’s AI for Google Ads today

Unleash the power of AI with Google Ads by Wix today. Sign up for Wix for free.

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