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Vector illustrations: The ultimate collection for your website

Free vector art illustrations for your Wix website

Want to feel like a kid again? Meet Vector Art - a stunning collection of free images for your website that you won’t be able to stop playing around with.

Our daily routines can get pretty mundane. Eat, sleep, work – repeat. Of course, it’s not all that bad, but it does make us think “how can we spice things up?” Wherever that question may take you – our first thought was, clearly, website design.

In past years, people went for very minimalistic aesthetics, making it hard to tell whether you were looking at a dentist’s site or a creative’s portfolio. Now, more designers want to distinguish their signature web design style from others online. One way of doing this is by incorporating website imagery that adds a unique personal touch.

That’s why we decided it was time to introduce a new addition to the Wix Editor for when it comes to making a website: meet Vector Art, a gorgeous collection of free vector illustrations for your website.

Illustrations that know no boundaries

Vector Art is a collection of highly stylized free images – illustrations, icons, logos, badges and more. “Nothing new here”, we hear you say. It’s true, there’s always been a selection of images and icon packs to choose from on Wix, for everything from favicons to your website's imagery. But now, there’s a lot more to play around with – as size doesn’t matter anymore. The vector images don’t even know the meaning of the word “pixelate”, so you’re free to resize them as much as you want and be sure that they’ll always maintain the highest quality resolution. But the fun doesn’t end there, as you can also customize the designs, by picking different colors, opacities and animations. With thousands of vector images and graphics to choose from, you can combine and layer them as you wish, making all your fantasies come true – from a background that looks like a Wes Anderson movie set, to a welcome animation that lures in your site visitors.

Now, that’s all fine and dandy, but the thing we’re most excited about is that you can now upload your own vector image (a type of file known as a SVG file) and customize it in the Wix Editor. Create any illustration yourself, then upload it to the Editor to play around with its colors, opacity, size and animation effects.

Free vector illustrations for your website

Inspiration is everywhere

When creating and curating the various collections of vector images, the designers on the team searched for inspiration from a range of sources. As well as diving into the world of websites, illustrations and icons, Avigail Tehori, from the Wix Design team, drew influence from fashion trends, such as patches, pins and tattoos. “The thinking is always to provide content for as many different styles and categories as possible”, she explains. That’s why the visual experts of the company got together to share content from their own worlds – music, restaurants, lifestyle and more. They ensured that each collection would contain a variety of styles, enabling anyone, including small businesses, to find themselves and their own style. The final result: an appetizing visual library, filled with endless artworks created in-house by our designers.

Have a look at how you can stretch the boundaries of Vector Art and use it to easily create a whole visual language on your website:

Free vector art illustrations for your website design

How to add Vector Art to your website

Want to add an image from our free collection? It couldn’t be easier: – In the Wix Editor, go to ‘Add’ on the menu bar and click on ‘Vector Art’. – There, you’ll find a beautiful array of images, organized into separate collections, such as ‘food & drink’, ‘street art’ and ‘icons’. Click on ‘All Vector Art’ to treat your eyes to the full selection. – Once you’ve chosen the image, customize it by clicking on it, and then on ‘Design’. There, you can experiment with different color combinations and opacities. – For the finishing touch, play around with adding subtle animations here and there.

Have your own illustrations? Here’s how to upload them as vector files to your website: – In the Wix Editor, go to ‘Add’ on the menu bar and click on ‘Vector Art’. – Click on ‘All Vector Art’ and then ‘My Vector Art’ in the top left-hand window of the pop-up window. – Click on ‘Upload Vector Art’ and choose any SVG file that you’ve created yourself. – Once the image has been added to your website, you can click on it and start editing it.

A peek behind-the-scenes

We caught up with the minds behind the Vector Art project, to understand more about the design process they went through and how the concept was initiated. “It all started late one night when two super masterminds (or in other words a designer and a Product Manager from the team) were discussing something over beer and suddenly thought ‘wouldn’t it be great if we had illustrations whose colors we could control’. After that, neither of them slept that night and the next morning we started playing around with the idea”, explains Ron Ron, a Product Manager and Creative Director from the team.

More and more designers want to incorporate unique, custom-made illustrations to their websites, and Vector Art may be just the right tool for that. Adding these personal touches is also a great way to help distinguish you from other sites. The vast options and the possibility of customizing the designs gives a sense of playfulness and, as Ron Ron puts it, “a true feeling of ‘I created something’”.

“My favorite collection? Well, there are the tigers and the dinosaurs…” – Ron Ron

Free vector art illustrations for your website design

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