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Turn your website into a visual sensation with full-width strips

Looking for that wow factor? Wix’s newest web design element is on trend for good reason: it’s a visual stunner.

Whether you’re just about to create a website or looking to freshen up your current site’s look, the full-width strips feature is more than worth considering (especially if you have a long scrolling website). It lets you structure your site into clean, horizontal sections, organizing your content in serious style. And to make it even easier, there are 9 preset options waiting for you in the Wix website editor.

Something tells us you’ll use more than one.

Full-Width Strips


These strips give you the freedom to get creative. Upload a video, choose an image, or go with a fun background – you can pick and choose all the design elements you want.


Grab people’s attention by adding the cool 3D effect that is parallax scrolling. To see it in action on your site, simply click the Preview button in the upper right corner of the editor.

Parallax Stripes

Service Presets

Promote the amazing services you offer and invite customers to try them out with these gorgeous strips.

Welcome Presets

Make a strong first impression by adding one of these welcoming strips. Bold text, beautiful images and buttons that make you want to click will set the right tone for your site.

Welcome Stripes

Clients Presets

Add your current clients logos and let everyone know that you’re a trusted professional.

Team Presets

Introduce your top talent by adding pics, a short intro, and a link to their LinkedIn profile.

Our Team Stripe
Testimonial Presets

Instill confidence in your site visitors by letting them hear from your previous (happy) customers. This will work in your site’s SEO favor, as well.

Contact Presets

Make it easy for customers to get in touch with you and follow you on your social channels.

Contact Stripes

Once you’ve chosen a strip or two (you can add as many as you want), the design options are almost endless. You can customize your full-width strips to fit your site’s style exactly. Whether it’s a matter of changing images, patterns, colors, fonts, buttons or adding your own video, you can do it all with ease for a result that’s stunning.

Here’s how to add a full-width strip in just 3 simple steps:

  • click Add on the left side of the Editor

  • click Strip

  • choose a strip and click to add it

Learn more about how to make a website with our extensive guide.

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