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5 best websites built using AI

5 best websites built using ai

The rumors are true! We recently launched Wix Artificial Design Intelligence, a revolutionary new website builder experience that pairs the magic of AI with the beautiful design capabilities that Wix has become synonymous with, to create the perfect website for your business. Just by answering a few short questions, the Wix AI website generator supplies you with a ready-made website complete with unique text, stunning images and robust online elements that are tailor-made for your business’s needs.

Launched in 2016, Wix ADI has already been put to the test again and again, building beautiful and unique websites from scratch for our users in less time than it takes to finish a cup of coffee. With no other web platform matching this technology feat, it’s no wonder that so many people are excited to try Wix ADI as they plan how to make a website

Below are 5 examples of websites that were made with the magic of Wix Artifical Design Intelligence and its web development prowess.

5 best websites build with AI

The Scratching Post Hotel was built with a playful long scroll and captures our hearts with the most adorable kittens. Not only is it easy to navigate, the addition of the Wix Bookings app makes it incredibly simple for clients to make reservations directly on this website.

website built with ai - scratching post hotel

02. Adam’s Construction Group

Much like building a house, Wix ADI curates content to create unique designs from the ground up. This construction site features awesome full-width strips and a service gallery that are perfectly aggregated to fit the nature of their business. As always, you can change anything to your own custom specification. Whether it’s images, patterns, colors, fonts, buttons or adding your own video, you can do it all with ease and get a seriously stunning result.

websites build with ai - adam's construction group

We know you have amazing products to sell, that’s why we designed Wix ADI to build a beautiful online store to fit your killer style. This sunglasses business uses a fresh design that combines high-resolution images with a simple yet sleek layout with smooth effects. Their stunning mobile eCommerce website reaches a whole audience of shoppers on-the-go.

website build with ai - chingon sunglasses store

04. The HK Trading Group

HK Trading group showcases their work with impressive full-width parallax scrolling and bold slides that are ready to be customized with a large roster of striking elements. For a company bolstering professionalism, you deserve a website to match.

websites build with ai - the hk trading group

05. Prep n’ Ship UK – Shipping Services

As a shipping company, maintaining thorough communication with customers is paramount for this business. Wix ADI understands your business’s needs and tailors a website specifically for you with simple contact forms so visitors can reach you directly. With Wix email marketing tool you can also send and share beautiful emails, newsletters, and updates directly from your Wix account.

best website built with ai - Prep n’ Ship UK – Shipping Services

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