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Social post ideas that worked for us (and could work for you)

social post ideas

Today more than ever, social media is overloaded with content, making it hard for small businesses to stand out from the crowd. While Wix gives you all the necessary tools to create a website for an impactful online presence, there isn’t an exact formula or magic fairy to do the same with your social media content. That being said, with years of experience managing social media accounts under our belts, we know a thing or two about the type of content that actually works and resonates with our audience.

We took the time to analyze our Facebook posts over the last couple of years, and made a list of our best performing social posts yet. Then, we broke down the type of posts into four different categories. We didn’t do it to brag (although we’re pretty proud), but more to show that it only takes a couple of good ideas and one solid schedule to boost your engagement. Just remember to adapt these ideas to your business’ type and niche, and then sit back and get ready to watch those likes and shares start pouring in!

Bonus tip: Every piece of content listed below can be tied to a certain event, such as a national holiday, a trending story, a social media holiday (example: talk like a pirate day), or even your business’ birthday. Take advantage of these events in order to keep your calendar filled all year round. Without further ado, check out the best social post ideas you can try to take your social media marketing to the next level.

Our most impactful social post ideas

01. Funny and creative social posts

These posts are best for connecting with your followers through relatable content. If people can recognize themselves in your posts about simple daily situations (thematically related to your business niche) or can even just let out a laugh, you’ll be collecting likes and shares in no time.

Pie Chart: We’ve come to learn that people like pies. And not only on their plates, but also served on their Facebook feeds. Many simple jokes (like the printer one showcased here) can be presented in the form of a pie chart. All you have to do is take everyday moments that anyone can relate to, add a pinch of sarcasm, mix in a few numbers and you’ve got yourself a pie chart to savor.

Wix social ideas: why can't you print that

There are two types of people: Apparently, the incredible diversity of the human race can be narrowed down to two types of people. Whether it’s how you read books (tablet vs. paperback) or where you place your ketchup (all over your fries or on the side). There’s always room to make fun of people’s distinctive habits – in a nice and playful manner, of course – in a way that is super easy to relate to. This type of post tends to generate a lot of comments and encourages users to tag their friends.

Wix social ideas: two types of people

X sins, X ways, X tips, X steps: This format is great for sharing a short list of items (steps, tips, ways, insights) in a fun and engaging way. For example, at Wix, we provide our users with everything they need to build a stunning online presence, and social media marketing is a part of that. Our challenge here was to create an enjoyable and easily digestible piece of content to present that subject. You can easily apply this concept to your niche. Let’s say you have a fashion online store – you could share a list of tips to choose the perfect jeans. Or if you’re a wedding photographer, a list of five poses for the perfect couple photoshoot would come in handy. The cherry on top: this type of social media content can serve as a great starting point for a blog post.

Wix social ideas: X ways, X sins, X tips

Expectations vs. reality: Humans are mostly optimistic creatures. We always hope and expect the best to happen. Alas, our expectations aren’t always met. And when that happens in our daily hustle and bustle, humoristic relatable situations are born. Exhibit A:

Wix social ideas: expectation vs reality

Holiday greetings: Wishing your followers a happy holiday is an amazing opportunity to get creative and add a personal touch to your brand. It is also a quick and easy way to keep your social life (uh, we mean social media calendar) happening and a way to bring the festive spirit to your followers. (Psst, just so you know, the author of this post is one of the lucky participants of our holiday greeting card from last year.)

Wix social ideas: holiday greetings

02. Engaging social posts

Based on the fact that people love sharing their opinions and ideas, these posts are created with social media engagement in mind. In order to generate conversation, you can ask them questions that will inspire comments and interaction with your post. These questions can be anything from: their opinions, their preferences about lifestyle habits, what inspires them, their pets’ names… even product-related questions will work! This is also a great mechanism for prize-bearing contests, or simply for fun.

Comment ‘me’: Facebook’s algorithms favor pages with high engagement. The more comments, likes and shares you get, the more traffic will be directed to your post, and the more your likes and shares will keep climbing. It’s the best digital loop you can ask for. Apparently, if you want to generate a lot of comments, all you need to do is simply ask. Offer people something in return, prepare a bank of ideas for replies, and prepare to get engaged (even if you’re already married).

Wix social ideas: comment me

Describe X in a GIF: GIFs on social media are like jewels on a crown – they make Facebook shine. Ask people to describe an event (that your audience would relate to) in a GIF, and you’re bound to receive a lot of funny replies. Don’t miss the opportunity to reply to each and every participant. By doing so, you’ll boost your engagement rate even more.

Wix social ideas: describe X in a GIF

Caption this image: Now it’s your followers’ turn to practice their creative skills. Post an image that would be fun to caption, and ask your audience to come up with a witty title. Just make sure you have the rights to use the photo. In the example below, we used a photo from Wix user Roie Galitz and asked our Facebook family to caption the sweet image. Why is it great? First, it’s a really catchy image, and secondly we’re showcasing one of our own users giving his image and name the spotlight.

Wix social ideas: caption this

Fill in the blank: Another way to get your followers’ creative juices flowing is by asking them to complete a sentence. Tie the topic to your brand, service or product, and even offer a prize for the best answer.

Wix social ideas: fill in the blank

Know someone: ‘Facebook is a social medium”’ – this might be the most obvious phrase ever. Among other fun interactions, people are always happy for a chance to share something they associate with a friend. In the example below, it was a vintage phone that sparked a surge of nostalgia and had people running to tag their friends. An important note: Avoid using the word ‘Tag’ in the caption, as Facebook’s algorithms will give your post lower priority. Phrases like ‘know someone?’ or ‘Which friend…’ will perform much better.

Wix social ideas: know someone

03. Informative social posts

This type of content provides your audience with added value and has the ability to position yourself as an expert. You can expand your followers’ horizons on any subject concerning your area of expertise. You can also inform them about new services, products or discounts that you currently have to offer.

Relevant tips: Have you started to notice recently that the most popular posts on Facebook are useful tips and tricks for cooking, DIY crafts and simple household tasks? Information that brings some kind of value to your followers performs extremely well on social (see how to grow social media followers for even more tips). You can provide tips that would be relevant to your area of expertise. This will also help establish yourself as a name and prove that you know your stuff.

Wix social ideas: tips

Product or service features: This is your chance to showcase a new product, sale, or any other piece of information you’re offering to the world. Remember to include a link to what you’re promoting. This is also an excellent way to drive traffic to your website.

Wix social ideas: product and features

Behind the scenes: Share candid moments about the people behind the brand. The content people connect most easily to is…. people. The more transparent and genuine you appear on social media, the more followers will follow your charm (and page).

Wix social ideas: behind the scenes

Blog posts: Creating a blog for your website brings huge value to your SEO. It also provides a great source of content for your social media channels. Every time you publish your latest blog post, make sure to promote it as well on Facebook.

04. User showcase for social posts

One of our favorite social media marketing tips is to let your clients how much you love them by showcasing their success stories or testimonials. This can also include sharing your clients’ posts that features your product or service. Nothing promotes your business better than a happy client.

Positive feedback: People are review-focused these days, so no matter how it’s presented – a screenshot of a text conversation, a comment on your Facebook reviews, or taken from a dedicated section on your website, the content of a positive comment is your most effective marketing tactic. Let your audience sing your praises and don’t be shy about posting it.

Wix social ideas: positive feedback

Featuring users: People love being in the spotlight. Ask your community to share a story or a photo related to your service or product. Using your platform as a way to show off your wonderful users will demonstrate that you really care and will strengthen their affiliation to your brand. In the example below we featured a photo by the talented Wix user Viktoria Kuzilova. This was also beneficial to her, as she gained exposure and traffic to her photography website.

Wix social ideas: featuring users

05. Topical

If you're struggling to build a following, give trendjacking a try. With this social media strategy, you can leverage current trends, popular topics, events or memes to gain attention. It involves creating content that aligns with or relates to the trending topic, capitalizing on the existing buzz and interest surrounding it.

The goal of trendjacking is to insert a brand's message or product into the ongoing conversation around a specific trend or event, allowing the brand to benefit from the increased visibility and engagement associated with that trend. By participating in the conversation, brands aim to capture the attention of a larger audience, increase their reach, and generate positive associations with their brand.

Trendjacking can take various forms, including social media posts, blog articles, videos, infographics, or even advertising campaigns that cleverly incorporate the trending topic. It often involves adding a unique perspective, humor, or a creative twist to the content to make it more engaging and shareable.

However, it's important to note that trendjacking should be approached with caution and authenticity. Brands must ensure that their message aligns with the trend and remains relevant to their target audience. Authenticity is crucial to avoid appearing opportunistic or insincere, as audiences can quickly detect inauthentic attempts to capitalize on trends. Effective trendjacking requires a genuine connection between the brand, the trend, and the audience.

Extra tip: get organized

Can’t wait to share your brilliant posts with the world? Wait a second (or two). As a small business owner you know that the secret to any successful marketing strategy is making sure you’re organized. Working according to your social media calendar allows you to allocate the right resources in the right time, as well as take care of producing content items on time.

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