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8 Sublime Photography Websites Created for Free

8 Sublime Photography Websites Created for Free

As you may know, with Wix, you can create a photography website that is beautiful, professional and at the same time, truly unique. And, better yet, it happens to be free. It’s critical since, as a photographer, you already have so many expenses: gear, travel and the liters of coffee you need to stay awake - to mention only a few. Luckily, enjoying our five-star photography website templates, the most sophisticated design functionalities, uploading as many photos as you wish and of course, publishing your site, won’t cost you a single peso.

Now, of course, you still have the option to enrich your masterpiece further by upgrading it to a Premium plan, for a personalized domain (which is amazing for your SEO efforts) or unleashing even more options with the help of Wix Bookings. You can always upgrade later, whenever you feel the need. For now, we’re giving you a dose of inspiration with these 8 photography portfolios that were created by professional shutterbugs using Wix. Proving once again that the good things in life like love, fresh air and photography websites are totally free:

01. Lisa Michelcrucial “About” pagee Burns

Lisa’s homepage boasts all the luxurious locations she’s been fortunate enough to shoot. From the Cook Islands to picturesque Morocco, her photographs take center stage with a full page of images using the Wix Pro Gallery. Her lively, bright and cool-toned website is kept simple with the essential sections only - and of course links to the three pillars of social media: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Wix Photography Websites Created for Free: Lisa Michele Burns

Colombian born photographer, Jairo, manages to steal his audience’s attention straight away on the homepage with only a handful of elements: a captivating portrait image, the wise use of white space and a combination of complementary fonts. When you browse further, you’ll discover a short bio on his “About” page, as well as testimonials from some very happy clients. There’s no doubt that his site has got all the essentials of what a successful photography portfolio requires. Check, check and check.

Basically, this portfolio hit the nail on the head. Why? Because it exudes an effortless simplicity that we absolutely love! Wix Stunning Awards finalist, Rosie Litterick, aims to please the eyes with a full screen scrolling gallery straight on the the homepage of her portfolio. Once again, it proves that as a shutterbug, your photos are your best marketing tool.

Wix Photography Websites Created for Free: Rosie Litterick

Roma Lee knows just how to make a bold statement with a single yet intriguing image. His header is cleverly organized according to genres and includes a crucial “About” page. The continuous black background gives this photographer's portfolio a serious, sophisticated look.

Wix Photography Websites Created for Free: Fromka

Landscape photographer, James Benoist knows that there’s only one way to show off his magical sceneries: full screen. His macro shots also get to enjoy the honor of being displayed in full screen to make a powerful impact. Text is scarce here, but who needs text when these beautiful images speak a thousand words?

Leon is a photographer and cinematographer from Down Under. You might find yourself watching his cinemagraphs over and over - the burning match and running water is especially captivating. The light pastel pink contrasts well against the smokey grey color that runs throughout his entire site.

Wix Photography Websites Created for Free: Leon Tran

As you enter Angelica’s photography website, you’re immediately drawn to the geometric shape composed of miniature versions of her captivating black and white pictures. The minimalistic look and feel to her site is really remarkable, and serves her colorful travel photographs. At just 24, Angelica’s lense has seen a substantial amount of the world. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

Wix Photography Websites Created for Free: Angelica Brachelente

Oh man, Cryssie’s perfectly color coordinated portfolio sends us to a dreamy world via floaty pastel pink clouds. This travel diary shows us how photos can be beautifully organized by color palettes rather than by subject - an absolute pleasure for the eyes. The font of her logo mimics the dream-like style of her site, boosting its serene atmosphere.

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