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10 marketing fails you should avoid

10 marketing fails you should avoid

In today’s sophisticated digital marketplace, people have more options and more opportunities to test and compare products and services before they make a decision. When you develop a marketing strategy, you need to take into account that your target market has more choices than ever. You have to adapt to a new style of marketing that is more authentic and more people-oriented.

It’s time to stop making these marketing fails in your modern-day business because they have long stopped bringing any results and could be potentially damaging to your brand.

Keep these marketing no-no’s in mind as you develop your marketing plan:

  1. Fabricating

  2. Telemarketing

  3. Direct mail marketing

  4. Spam

  5. Intuition

  6. Selling over dialogue

  7. Unreachable

  8. Poor content

  9. Fake testimonials

01. Marketing fail - fabricating

In the past, online consumers were way more gullible; you could easily funnel them to your landing pages by playing on their fears and creating a false need. Today’s consumer can see right through half-truths in marketing messages and go directly to sites that offer real information, products or services.

genuine info - how to avoid marketing fails

02. Marketing fail - telemarketing

Avoid this at all costs. You won’t even get one bite and you’ll embarrass yourself. Chances are your call will initially be screened thanks to caller ID and many times will go unanswered. Nobody wants to be read from a script about a new and exciting exclusive offer available only through you.

no to marketing fail - telemarketing

03. Marketing fail - Direct mailing

Direct mail is completely ineffective unless you know everyone on your mailing list and their buying habits, which is highly unlikely. If you do send snail mail, make sure it’s in the form of a letter, not a postcard and be sure to offer something of value. Giving a free sample and a coupon still works, but not for every type of customer or business.

04. Marketing fail - Spam

It’s crucial that your emailing list be streamlined to contain only members of your target audience. Segment your audience into different customer types, and send out only content that is relevant to their interests and needs.

marketing fail - spam

05. Marketing fail - relying on intuition instead of relying on hard data and stats.

Those who do not test and analyze are destined for failure. In order to produce results you need to focus on that which has proven to be successful, and you can’t do that without controlled testing of promotions and thorough evaluations of your available stats.

marketing fail - intuition over data

06. Marketing fail - selling over dialogue

You must communicate with your audience, don’t just show them adverts. If you focus too much on selling, you won’t get very far. Open a dialogue with your audience and connect with them.

07. Marketing fail - being unreachable

Never underestimate the customer’s need to reach you. Many clients will not even consider your business seriously if you don’t display at least two contact options on your website. By allowing them to get in touch easily you are creating reliability and loyalty.

marketing fail -being unreachable

08. Marketing fail - poor content

Writing crappy keyword-stuffed content instead of providing worthy and useful information. Long gone are the days when search engines couldn’t tell good content from bad. Remaining in the top 10 search results requires top quality content with value being placed on the number of shares your articles have achieved as opposed to the number of backlinks as in the past.

09. Marketing fail - fake testimonials.

It is essential to offer third party credibility. People need to know someone they trust recommends you as well.

marketing fail - fake testimonials

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