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Dribbble’s (almost) undiscovered treasures: Lettering & type design

Ben Kocinski Lettering
Ben Kocinski's Year in Review

Getting lost in the never-ending maze of online design inspiration is not uncommon. Here’s a handpicked selection of some of our favorite Dribbble shots.

Searching for website design inspiration can be a never-ending scrolling experience when learning how to make a website. After the initial delight and excitement about the wonders you may have found, your eyes can very quickly become glazed over and you find yourself sinking into a midday snooze. The overload of information can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve decided to start a new series, picking out 12 beautiful Dribbble shots and focusing on a different area of design each time. First up – lettering and typography. Whether you’re an illustrator, UX or web designer, we’ve uncovered some real gems by talented international designers that will provide you with top-notch typography inspiration when it comes to choosing the best design and fonts for your website. And at the very least, some gorgeous eye candy.

This multi-talented illustrator, designer and painter creates works whose concepts are just a touch more complex than you may realize at first glance. This beautiful and seemingly playful piece in fact addresses serious world issues. Hint: other than taking a closer look at the content itself, take note of the word choice.

Animated typography by illustration Pierre Kleinhouse

There’s a real sense of rhythm in this illustrator and animator’s work. The graphics and motion work together wonderfully to create pieces that balance both a complete and sketchy feel. The use of grain, a prominent motion graphics trend, adds a sense of volume.

Animated typography by Adrien Ghenassia

Multidisciplinary designer, Mat Voyce, creates designs that are both minimal and just the right amount of cute. The very subtle motion is all that is needed to tell a whole story and convey a sense of personality in the characters featured.

Animated typography by Mat Voyce

With big bold text and a simple and beautiful typeface, this animation is just right. This gif is a celebration of the sans-serif font NB International™, whose design is inspired by Grotesk typefaces. The composition is perfectly balanced, with certain parts aligned, while others break the grid. And as for the color scheme – has the word “perfect” already been mentioned?

Typography design by Mario Sestak

Is there anything about this piece that we don’t love? It seems that this multidisciplinary studio has nailed everything from the simple color palette, to the illustrations, the composition and the large serif font. The illustrations are reminiscent of botanical drawings or old cooking books, and the number descriptions create a scientific look and feel to the design.

Typography and illustration by SDCO Partners

Say “hi!” to this talented digital experience and motion graphics designer, Tifa Zhou, who makes picking just one piece of work from her Dribbble account a tough job. Everything about this animation is spot-on, from the retro color palette, to the simple shapes and playful motion that brings it to life.

Animated typography by illustrator Tifa Zhou

Specializing in a range of design fields, from illustration, to lettering and branding, Ben Kocinski’s works are fascinating. They have a nostalgic, almost mystical feel to them. This piece seems to nonchalantly combine an array of detailed tattoo-like illustrations, with a range of fonts as well as hand lettering – all the while, keeping a sense of balance between the many elements and colors.

Illustration and lettering design by Ben Kocinski

Head here if you want to see a diverse range of works, from 3D motion graphics to illustrations and 2D pieces. Despite the different styles, the aesthetics of Matt’s Dribbble account is incredibly accurate. This surreal illustration presents the letter ‘U’ in an obscure and intriguing way.

Typography by illustrator Mathieu L.B

This animation is just a snippet of Jack Harvatt’s talents. With elements moving at different speeds, from the ball seeming to slowly roll, to the brick-like object flying across the screen, this piece of work really conjures up a sense of rhythm. It’s official – we love a classic sans serif on the move.

With such a minimal and accurate piece of work, it’s clear that this web and graphic designer specializes in logo design. The movement in this iconic animation is both surprising and engaging. It’s hard to keep your eyes away.

Animated typography logo design by Jacek Janiczak

With gorgeous gradients like these, need we say more? This design collective successfully combines illustration with motion graphics to come up with visuals that evoke emotion, as well as involving a drop of humor.

Animated typography by Sail Ho Studio

If ever there was eye-candy, this graphic designer and illustrator’s Dribbble account is just that. She’s clearly taken the time to curate her page with the utmost care, using a color palette of pastel shades. Looking at each work individually, it may take a while to uncover which number or letter it presents, but that’s definitely part of the fun.

Illustration typography by Bettina Stovne

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