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4 successful CBD businesses selling hemp-derived products online

5 Successful CBD Businesses Selling Hemp-Derived Products Online

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the hottest product categories on the market right now. In the past few years, hemp-derived CBD products like skincare and candles have developed into a multimillion-dollar industry.

Research is developing on the proposed benefits of hemp-derived CBD, and recent U.S. legalizations have made the opportunities even greater for merchants. This is a great time to sell CBD online.

Still, selling CBD online has its challenges. Paid ad campaigns and health claims may bring along legal complications. As they’re selling in a fairly new product category, CBD merchants also need to educate their customers.

We’ve rounded up 4 CBD websites with effective, creative solutions. If you’re starting a CBD business and looking for site inspiration, here are some of our favorite sites selling CBD online and to help you start your business.

01. GoGreen Hemp

GoGreen Hemp pride themselves on their transparency and the way they educate their customers about hemp-derived products and buying CBD products online. They sell various forms of hemp-derived products, including skincare, gummies, drops and softgels.

gogreen hemp cbd homepage

What makes GoGreen Hemp a top CBD website?

Content Base. This CBD online store dedicates an entire “Learn” section on their menu bar, complete with a guide to buying CBD oil online. With strong content, CBD sites can educate new customers and boost SEO. This gives CBD businesses an alternative to advertising on restrictive platforms like Facebook, and helps them get found by shoppers searching for their products.

Lab Results. To increase trust, this CBD website shows the lab results for every batch of products. Shoppers can access these reports conveniently on a centralized page or from individual product pages.

Detailed Product Descriptions. GoGreen Hemp gives comprehensive product descriptions—a must for CBD websites. They organize their descriptions clearly, with tabs for ingredients, proposed benefits, suggested use, product details and a chemical analysis.

02. Pepper Lee CBD

The creator behind Pepper Lee CBD farms and processes her own hemp, promoting a meaningful relationship with nature. Her beauty and care products are handmade, and she adds a personal touch by welcoming shoppers to reach out to her with any questions.

Pepper Lee CBD homepage

What makes Pepper Lee CBD a top CBD website?

Diverse Testimonials. On the “About” page, Pepper Lee CBD features testimonials from customers with various ages and lifestyles. The reviewers span from a retiree to a professional boxer, so shoppers can find a customer they relate to and see how the product can benefit them.

Natural Product Photography. The company photographs their products in home settings rather than against clinical, static backgrounds. This type of image helps shoppers picture these products on their own countertops.

Free Shipping Promotion. Visitors who subscribe to Pepper Lee CBD’s mailing list receive free shipping on their first order. With this incentive, the company increases the volume of their email marketing and makes subscribers more likely to purchase.

03. Physicians Preferred

Physicians Preferred sells CBD oils and topical treatments. They’re a vertically-integrated business, which means they handle the hemp themselves, from growing to packaging it.

Physicians Preferred cbd homepage

What makes Physicians Preferred a top CBD website?

Strong Branding. Physicians Preferred reinforces their slogan, “Engineered by Nature”, with a green, brown and tan color scheme. They also feature prominent organic, vegan and non-GMO labels on the homepage.

Descriptive Product Names. Each product is titled by its suggested use, like “Rest, Relax & Renew” and “Everyday Wellness”. This helps shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for, fast.

Clear Policies. The company makes their privacy policy and return policy easily accessible on the footer of every page. Both policies include clearly organized details and contact information to help shoppers buy with confidence.

04. Manifest Wellness

Manifest Wellness sells organic hemp-based CBD products that they handcraft in small batches. They also offer crystals, aromatherapy and beauty products on their site.

Manifest Wellness cbd homepage

What makes Manifest Wellness a top CBD website?

Store Membership. Manifest Wellness has a members area that builds customer retention and a sense of community. By creating a store account, returning customers can view all of their orders, save their shipping info, create a wishlist, connect with other members and more. Wellness Tribe members are also offered bonus perks and an “all access pass” to exclusive rewards.

Reviews. On the bottom of each product page, shoppers can leave and read reviews. CBD products can be new and confusing, and people trust other shoppers for recommendations more than they trust brands. Positive, real-life reviews show that people liked the product and convince shoppers to make a purchase (or three).

Loyalty Program. Manifest Wellness has a loyalty program that rewards returning customers with order discounts. This is a smart move, as CBD products are often used on a regular basis. Their website prominently displays a gift icon on all pages, showing the customer’s rewards status, plus ways to earn and redeem reward points. Points can be earned by placing an order, following Manifest Wellness on social, sending friend referrals and more.

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Brielle Gordon

Brielle Gordon

Marketing Writer, Wix eCommerce

Brielle is a Colorado native with a passion for innovation and helping to mobilize entrepreneurs. Brielle is a marketing writer for Wix eCommerce, which powers over 700k online stores worldwide.

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Note: This article is intended solely to discuss and highlight marketing tactics. The sites above have been selected solely because of effective website elements. Wix doesn’t endorse the websites, featured products or any product claims made on the websites. Wix has not investigated and has no knowledge if any statements on the websites have been evaluated or approved by any medical or governmental authority, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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