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5 Holiday Shopping Trends You Never Thought Of

5 Holiday Shopping Trends You Never Thought Of

Over the last few months, entrepreneur and best selling author Ramon Ray has traveled the world speaking to thousands of business owners. Much of that travel has taken place behind a video camera, surrounded by studio lights and cups of coffee.

In this article Ramon shares five key insights he’s learned from small business owners in how to sell more on your online store this holiday season.

5 unique holiday shopping trends

01. Everyone is distracted. You be different.

Everyone is distracted. This is a HUGE challenge (and opportunity) for boosting your online sales. There’s an INCREASE in online events, emails, text messages, cable news on TV and beyond. We’re all buried, our eyes are strained.

HOWEVER, for small businesses, this gives you an opportunity.

In your marketing to clients, be different, be edgy, stand out. Your email subject lines: How can you write them to break through the clutter? Maybe ask a question? Get people to “sit up” and take notice.

What about your images? Do your images look just like everyone else’s or are you seeking opportunities to be different.

02. Follow up.

Since everyone is distracted, this means there’s a lot of abandoned shopping carts, a lot of people who have clicked to your website but not made a purchase.

What are you offering to those who are not quite ready to buy yet? To those who are still deciding between YOU or someone else? Make sure you’re not overlooking the BROWSERS to your website.

03. Be human.

Sometimes we want our online image to be so perfect, that we forget to be HUMAN.

YES you want to look professional, but you also want to have some “personality”. Video is a powerful way to do this. What about integrating your Instagram feed on your website so it comes to life through your day to day “behind the scenes” routine of serving your customers.

04. Remember next year.

Yes I know that THIS year is important. But remember, NEXT YEAR is coming as well. So for those who have not bought from you, maybe there’s something they need beyond “The Holidays”.

05. Sell less.

While selling is important, we all want to make MONEY, right? Let’s also remember to educate our customers even MORE. Sometimes we’re so focused on putting the right price on a particular item that we forget to EDUCATE the customer. Why would it be good for them? What are the benefits? What are the detailed features? Are there multiple angles of the product?

Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray


Ramon is the editor and producer of, an entrepreneur, global speaker and best selling author of Celebrity CEO. Learn more about Ramon at

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