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How to Create a Black Friday Landing Page

How to Nail Your Black Friday Landing Page

Before we dig into how to create a black friday landing page, let’s briefly review. A landing page, or LP, is similar to a website, but its purpose is different. A landing page is specifically created to drive your visitors to complete a specific action, for example, making a purchase online. You can learn more about how to create a powerful landing page here or jump right in by using our landing page builder.

Now let's a look at how a business can create a Black Friday landing page and boost their sales.

01. Keep your landing page message simple

As with all landing pages, there should have one, clear, simple message. The page design and text should support this message so that people instantly understand your offer and how they can opt-in. For example, if you want to push a new line of products or services for the holidays, keep your content focused on these items alone and don’t clutter the page with other information. Yes, less really is more.

Examples of Black Friday text:

  • Black Friday Sale: 50% Off All Packages

  • An Exclusive Black Friday Event: Get a Sneak Peek at Our New Line! Space is Limited!

  • Find the Perfect Holiday Gifts at Our Black Friday Sale Event

  • Store-Wide Black Friday Sale – One Day Only

  • Black Friday Special: Earn $10 for Every $100 You Spend!

  • Get a $25 Coupon When you Join Our Mailing List – Good in Stores This Black Friday!

This text plus a call to action (more on this below) is all you need to make your LP a success.

Women's online shoe store Black Friday landing page.

02. Encourage visitors to act

To be effective, your Black Friday LP must be more than informational. Once you’ve made your offer, you need to specify an action for users to take. This Call to Action must be immediately clear to visitors. In fact, your CTA should be so obvious and compelling that users click without even thinking. With clear messages such as “Purchase Now,” “Download the Coupon” or “Sign Up to Reserve Your Spot,” your visitors will know what comes next and will be that much more likely to click through. To really master this, learn how to create powerful CTAs here.

03. Link carefully

Depending on what you’re promoting, you’ll want your CTAs to link to different places. The location you link to is crucial since the fewer steps you give your site visitor to follow, the more likely you are to convert the user.

If you are promoting a new online product or service, your landing page should link straight to that product or service page on your website. If you’re offering a 25% off coupon for use at your business location, the CTA button should immediately open a PDF that visitors can download and print. If you’re hosting a Black Friday event for a limited number of attendees, visitors who sign up through your LP should immediately receive confirmation that they have successfully registered.

04. Highlight your added value

On a busy shopping day like Black Friday, you need to go out of your way to highlight the added benefits you offer shoppers. Buyers have countless options and it’s your job to convince them to shop with you. Let them know what sets your business apart, but remember to abide by the first point we made above: keep it short and to the point. Whether you are promoting free shipping, a storewide sale, a new loyalty rewards program or unbeatable service, you must communicate it on your landing page directly and clearly. Make your visitors want to shop in your store or try your services—first.

05. Drive the right traffic to your landing page

Traffic is pretty much the lifeline of any landing page, but you can go about getting it in different ways. Does the old saying, “You have to spend money to make money,” ring a bell? While we’re not going to say it’s an absolute must, we will say that paying for clicks on Facebook or Google AdWords to bring traffic to your landing page will give you a serious leg up. It’s a great way to attract members of your specific target market, meaning those people that are most likely to make a purchase. Best of all, you only pay when people click through to your landing page.

Consider targeting long-tail keywords that your target market will be looking for in advance of Black Friday:

  • Best Black Friday deals

  • What to buy on Black Friday

  • Black Friday coupons

06. Spread the word on social media

What good are all of your social media accounts if you can’t share your landing page on them? Make sure you write about your Black Friday promotion on all of your active accounts and include a link to your shiny new landing page. Because competition is fierce, you need to be aggressive to bring in the buyers. Leave no stone unturned – you can attract visitors from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

In the week leading up to the sale, post several times about your plans for Black Friday. Use pictures, exciting text and compelling video to attract users. As is true throughout the year, remember to be responsive to comments and quickly answer any and all questions that potential customers throw your way.

Beard products website marketing Black Friday sale on Facebook.

07. Send out a newsletter

Black Friday is an ideal opportunity to create a newsletter using Wix email marketing. A few days before the big day, send out an email letting everyone know about your upcoming promotion, deal or event. Be sure to include a link that takes them straight to your landing page.

Black Friday Sale email marketing example.

08. Don’t forget about your old clients

People who visit your website frequently don’t always follow you on your social channels or subscribe to your newsletter, so they may not see your killer LP. Have no fear. You can create a lightbox for your homepage and include the same content and design from your black friday landing page, this way your regular site visitors are totally in the loop. Let’s say your LP advertised a, “50% off all shoes,” sale with a CTA guiding customers to the collection.  Doing this will ensure all eyes learn of your blowout deal.

Ready to rake in sales this Black Friday? Create a free landing page today

Daniel Clinton

Daniel Clinton

Managing Editor, Wix eCommerce

Daniel is the Managing Editor at Wix eCommerce, where he uses his experience as a merchant, journalist and marketer to create content that helps online businesses grow.

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